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Hi, can someone explain me what is happening with PCB editor and this drc error, Line to SMD Pin Spacing (pictures attached)? Explanation: First, I route the USB_P trace, and no drc error is shown. Then, I don't know how, the USB_P trace was hidden, but drc error appears. 116538 (...)
Hi, I am using orcad Layout; When I was trying to change the widths of some segments I get a drc error saying "Segment width violation". This is happening to only some segments not all. Has someone faced the same issue? Plz help me with this..
HI I AM FACING A PROBLEM IN drc CHECK IN SCHEMATICS Checking Electrical Rules error: Port has a type which is inconsistent with other ports on the net CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO SOLVE THIS THANKS IN ADVANCE DEEPAK
while doing drc in schematic , I am getting error like error(orcad-36055):Illegal character in \etu-v01r10(1)\.
hi all! i have designed a whole layout in orcad layout plus. but in the end when i try to make gerber file it gives the option that gerber viewer can't open the gerber file. it is giving the following errors as shown in the picture below. 85414 here it is showing many errors in each connection. i checked it no con
I completed a orcad 10.5 schematic. I ran the drc with all switches set except check for SDT compatibility and had no errors. I attempted to run a Layout netlist (.mnl). It aborts very quickly and returns these errors in the Session Log: error Layout DB error code 18890, '1'. (...)
hi, i am new to orcad 16.3 .when i try to check drc for my schematics i am getting the following error: WARNING: Net has fewer than two connections In 4F-1 SCHEMATIC1, PAGE4 (16.40, 8.00) WARNING: Net has fewer than two connections In 4F1 SCHEMATIC1, PAGE4 (11.80, 9.90) ER
Hello Firstly i am using orcad 15.7 and designing the board using PCBEditor. I have designed a board wherein i am getting a drc error for the distance between two parts. This is because i have placed these parts very close to eachother but on final board i am sure that it will not be a problem. Now how can i rectify this. I know (...)
check with the version orcad Family Release 9.2 it works well iam using it. hope u will get no error
This is how I have made my connection (only look at the horizontal connections): On I look at the drc it sais this: Checking Off-Page Connections WARNING: Two nets in same schematic have the sam
orcad Layout errors after autorouting, Although NO drc errors were flagged: (Lay-Err1) This error was under silkscreen print and therefore not visible: (Lay-Err1b) This error shorted the the output of an fine pitch IC to VCC and destroyed it. There were other (...)
Hi all, i have a problem routing an SMD part in layout plus 10.5. When i turn online drc off, and route the pad manualy, and then check drc from Auto menu, there is no error marker. But if i enable online drc, if i try to edit those routed tracks, i see the error message: "Connection is shorted. (...)
I am using orcad 10. I am getting the error when atteacing power pins error in drc less tahn two connectios at net . I am conform power pins are connected to part .what is cause .