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orcad16.6 - In Capture using 3 MOSFET assigned footprint TO3 (standard in \pcb_lib\symbols\ TO3.dra). When jumping to Allegro PCB Editor trying to use the QuickPlace tool, all my schematic parts are placed on top corner except the 3 MOSFET TO3.
Download the datasheet according to part number. In datasheet they will provide electrical diagram create a symbol in orcad same as that.
HI I AM FACING A PROBLEM IN DRC CHECK IN SCHEMATICS Checking electrical Rules ERROR: Port has a type which is inconsistent with other ports on the net CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO SOLVE THIS THANKS IN ADVANCE DEEPAK
Hello. What's the best software to draw and simulate electric circuits with contactors, relays, and some other automation? There are some specialized programs, such as Eplan or Elcad, they look nice and I think they are even 3D but most of them don't perform electrical simulations. Other software such as Altium, orcad, Proteus are good for
cadsence orcad is the best for schematic and pcb in my experience.
Cc everyone Please, I want to know how to simulate a frequency dependent resistor , the problem is that I don't know how to write the equation of the resistor, and where, here is the equation of my component R, it is for an electrical modeling purpose: R = sqrt((R_ac)^2 + (R_dc)^2); and R_ac = a/ ((b*Skin) - (pi*(Skin^2))) ; R_dc = 5.94e-
Hi Thei, i have experience in PCBdesign using orcad, and using Altium designer also, i designed the PCB for an electrical vehicle and design a GPS and GPRS tracking system, you need more information ?
I created a footprint at orcad for transformer.(i use 4 transformers in my design). The problem is that when i choose the footprint in orcad layout i get the following error message (How to fix this error????) : ERROR: electrical package TRANSFORMER for comp T2 has at least one pin (8) which has no (...)
Two questions (1 orcad, 1 PCB Editor): 1. Is there a way to associate a nonelectrical component with an electrical component? Example: I want to use an Aavid Thermalloy 507002b00000 heatsink with a component in a TO-220 package. Obviously, the heatsink has no electrical properties, and wouldn't appear on the (...)
Hi all, I have previously worked with PSpice to simulate the electrical circuits. Recently, I changed to orcad 10. But, I don't know what is wrong with orcad that I can't simulate a simple circuit. One of the examples is the attached circuit that gives these errors while simulating: WARNING: No PSpiceTemplate for D1, ignoring ERR
ask boss what he want you to do. orcad and AUTOCAD are wholly different tools. However you can do simple artwork with fine control on traces, with AUTOCAD and DXF-to-Gerber Conversion tool(eg. linkcad) In electrical component production Companies, the guys widely use AUTOCAD to draw draft for the product and to make films for module
It also depends on what is your focus in the EE field. RF/Microwave/Wireless ADS, Microwave Office, IC(Analog/RF/Digital) Cadence, Mentor ..... Digital VHDL .... Test LabView, Visual Basic. Some good ones in general are: PSpice, Matlab, orcad, Power PCB. Also you can search for jobs online and see what the companies are lo
you need the models for some things but flip-flops, gates , and some electrical devices are implemented in simulink. Here you can simulate your system. For example a RLC circuit has a transfer function that you can simulate in matlab. There are better tools for simulate hybrid systems (as proteus orcad simplorer) if your system are (...)
Take a look into these are not easy like orcad , but for medium sized design and with a bit of patience they can be quite good and, give you comparable results . Enjoy to all ;-))