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With orcad Allegro and a *.dra footprint file I am trying to build myself a document listing all images and footprint data. When I load a footprint .dra file into Allegro I can see the footprint image and obviously Allegro knows what are the dimensions of that footprint since it can build a (...)
orcad16.6 - In Capture using 3 MOSFET assigned footprint TO3 (standard in \pcb_lib\symbols\ TO3.dra). When jumping to Allegro PCB Editor trying to use the QuickPlace tool, all my schematic parts are placed on top corner except the 3 MOSFET TO3.
I am not an orcad DB expert, but I think that, prior to 16.4 or so, the orcad PCB Editor (both standard and Pro versions) was a separate product and not fully compatible with the Allegro flagship product version. They are now all capable of working with/opening each others' designs (though the PCB Editor Pro still doesn't have all the upper end A
Hi, In general you need to create all the PCB footprint you need. orcad/Cadence does not provides generic PCB footprint libraries. And yes, it is required to manually add the PCB footprint to any component in your symbol library. You may find symbols and/or footprint from some vendors (e.g Altera ). Franck.
yes can't find..... >search AD620 >Quicklinks >Spice Models Import the ad620.cir in orcad
I tried to post this message earlier, but it did not seem to go through, so I will try again. I am currently going through a tutorial for orcad Capture and it is asking that I use a SMDRES footprint for my resistors. I know that surface mount resistors come in various sizes such as 0603, 0805, and 1008. So my question is how would a person know wha
hi, i am facing the problem while creating netlist was(value for property pcb footprint contains carriage return for c51 in cadence orcad capture tool.pls help me to get solution for that. Thank you in advance for support! Regards, Majed
how will i select footprint for BNC connector, ground and power supply in orcad 16.3....
Hi Everybody, I have no footprint for SPDT relay footprint for orcad. I searched in google and in this forum. I get some footprint files but their file extension are MAX , fp and etc. At my orcad, footprint files extension are bra and psm. I don't know how how to change these file (...)
Hi, How to open .llb file of footprint of the components in orcad pcb editor?
Greetings, I'm new to this forum but already find it a wealth of knowledge. I'm teaching myself Capture orcad with the free demo version, Lite. I'm working thru the Mitzner book and in the example laying out a simple op amp circuit, with a 6 pin connector, I cannot place the conn6. The error I get is "Pin numbers do not match between s
hi, i am facing the problem while creating netlist was(value for property pcb footprint contains carriage return for c51 in cadence orcad capture tool.pls help me to get solution for that.
I am using orcad , (layout plus)
Is anyone who know which footprints i need to use for the following sensors : DS1307(sop),BMP085,masx3232. I have a lot of confusion about which footprint i need to use . I need help pls.
Hello, I am creating the footprint for the attached power jack. Apparently, I can't create a rectangle shape drill, in DRILL layer. orcad seems to allow only round shape for this layer. How am supposed to set this footprint, since its terminals are rectangular?? Do PCB houses usually charge any more for non round drills? Tks!
I am using orcad and am having a hard time finding useful tutorial on how to make footprints in orcad. I know theres a wizard in orcad to make parts, but sometimes theres odd parts that doesn't fit those templates and you have to create your own but I cannot find any resource about it. I think its just me but I am sooo (...)
hi sir/madam i wanna know how to use general edit and etch edit options in orcad pcb editor. if it used once how we have to deselect or remove from our design.
I m using orcad layout and when i want to modify a tansformer footprint ( or other footprint with more than 1 pins all named 1, 2,3 ,...) look what is hapening: let s say i want to delete the pin number 2 of the transformer wich has a total number of 6 pins. When I delete the no. 2 pin , all the others pins get renamed automatically by (...)
when u design a footprint it is stored as a library..have u included this library in your capture to enable it to show. attached doc will help you not just for footprint but overall in orcad.
I'm searching for footprint of DC Jack connector.i downloaded it from a site but its drill hole is round.can I change it to rectangular using library manager ??or please help me to download a new library.