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Hello, Am using orcad Capture CIS Lite 16.6 and when am running a simple circuit i get the following error for INA103 component. WARNING(ORNET-1119): The part/device cannot be simulated. No PSpiceTemplate found on U1, ignoring this part/device from simulation netlist. Thanks in Advance.
HI, I use a lot of ULN2803 in my board. The component is heterogeneous and composed of 9 part. The 8's first are 2 pins for the 8 way of ULN the last one is for GND et Power. I want to make gate swappable in allegro. I found the GATEGROUP part properties but, it doesn't work. Is there a way to make gate swappable heterogeneous (...)
Hi all, After completing the design when i check DRC am getting this error what could be the problem,Actually using two part of that ic only U1A and U1B ERROR: This reference has already been assigned to a different package type. U1 SCHEMATIC1, PAGE1 (4.60, 9.10)
Hi Is there a way to review all components in a big orcad OLB library in a spreadsheet form? Displaying all properties of all components in a spreadsheet. How? The only way I found was to check components one by one. I want to select a few components for my design but only those that have our company part number assigned. Some (...)
hi All, While generating netlist from orcad Capture CIS16.2, following error is shown. Please help how it can be resolve thanks in advance #1 Error Conflicting values of following Component Definition properties found on 1C106 and 1C10 for part "0603C". VALUE #2 Error Conflicting values of following Co
Hello! I want to create a text file from a dsn files that lists all parts, the schematic page where the part can be found, and the position of the part on the page. So far I have explored that using the Bill of Materials menu I can add {Location X-Coordinate} and {Location Y-Coordinate} properties to the property (...)
How to make pin numbers visible in orcad 9.2? Pin number visibility in orcad 9.2 Colleagues, When a new custom schematic part is created in orcad 9.2 there is a dialog that asks for part properties such as designator, PCB footprint, name etc. On this same dialog there is a check (...)
Hello, I am using orcad Capture 10.3. I would like to know, how can i copy part occurance properties to instance properties throughout design. thanks niks
Hi folks, This is from ramesh.I am using orcad software for schematic entry. i faced this following problem. The used capacitor does have wrong properties(Eg: Manu part i created my own new library.And i replaced the that component's cache in schematic with preserved properties(if i do replace (...)
Conflicting values of following Component Definition properties found on U4 and U11 for part "SOT23_5".part_NUMBER can a
Hi Im using orcad 9.1 . Im able to generate Allegro the netlist. But while importing netlist its givin errors. I was updating part properties by exporting in excel and then update and again import it. But its not gettin updated in first line of properties (instance properties) instead its gettin updated (...)
How do you make the pin numbers of, for example a transistor, visible in your schematic. I can' find it, either not in the Help files. Roel