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how to export pinlist in orcad olb file I just want to review sch symbols 。
You can set all the defaults from pull-down "Options" -> "Design Template" The title blocks are in <orcad>\tools\capture\library\CAPSYM.OLB Open the library to see the "stock" title blocks. Use as-is or copy and modify your own
I need AD620 orcad library. Where I can found it...? Or how can I make it...?
Hello, How to integrate PSpice netlist in orcad schematic. I've tried 2 appoaches: using Hierarchical block using library part In both cases I failed: via hierachical block ... the port name exposed in netlist subcircuit don't appear in schematic, 2nd approach solicits Model Editor, where there is no option for
I am assigned to design a basic 8086 system including I/o ,timer,USART,RAM,ROM etc. But I just need to design the schematic and not simulation (Proteus strictly prohibited). My instructor told me to design it in orcad. But i didn`t find the model. So, i need to know schematic design software where i can design 8086 system except Proteus. (...)
Hi, I'm trying to Convert i.mx6rx schematic from altium to orcad, I Did changes in SDt.cfg file to link to my working library, but to no anvil. Also, Using altium tried saving the project to .dsn format, but doesn't work I get the following error: """"" ********************************************************************************
Hello, I have this stupid problem with orcad. This lite version of Capture CIS has symbol libraries for the standard libraries of orcad, such as counter, however there is no spice simulation files (.lib) for them. I try to simulate the design with built-in PSPice, but the simulation fails and gives me this error: "No simulation data for marker V
Part------ is out of date with respect to the design cache, use update cache to synchronize the part in cache with the library,,,,,,,,, i got this error in orcad capture 16.0 when i did update my part. i need the solution.
hello i am learing orcad capture but i cannot able to solve less than 2 connection problem in differential amplifier circuit and no spice template i read similar thread in this forum but i cannot understand pls explain in detail any body urgent i have to submit project tomorrow
Hi, is just that i have a .dsn and .brd files, i got the .dra and .psm files from the PCB, but i need to modify the property of the footprints in the capture file, because it has some source libraries that doesn't exist and i need to fix it to generate the netlist. So how could i make the right libraries to use them in the footprints of the captur
"No PSpice template" means what it says, you are probably using schematic symbols that aren't taken from the PSpice specific component library. Before designing a simulation circuit from the scratch with orcad capture, you should start with something more simple, e.g. opening and modifying one of the examples shipped with Pspice. Learn (...)
You need to set this manually. Try placing mosfet from breakout library and Do edit model from schematic and define various model parameter. I guess you are new to simulation and modeling so first you need to out about this a bit more. You may want to try reading and doing exercises from "Learning PSpice". You can access this from orcad (...)
HI all, i'm trying to design one schematic with atmega8 (TQFT) controller.. i need orcad library file for that controller... please help me to get those lib files... thanQ in advance
Hello, VCC source does not exist under CAPSYM library in the orcad capture 16.5 that i am using, does anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks you all, Ramesh
Hello all, I am looking for ATUC256L3U and LIS331DL. I cannot find in cadence orcad library. Any Idea where can i download?
Hi again I couldn't find it's model in the general library of orcad , but i think you can add it's model . however , i think there is another way : use two mosfet , connect drain of them together and source of them together too , thus you have two gate and i think it will work fine . Good luck Goldsmith
hello as you the the image i want to add off-page connector but it doesn't have or i don't know which library is related to off-page connector.could you help me on
Hi all I am trying to simulate the resonant converter but i am getting the following errors. ERROR Pin A in template not found on CR ERROR Pin B in template not found on CR ERROR Pin A in template not found on LR ERROR Pin B in template not found on LR ERROR Pin A in template not
Many schematic tools have an option to extract SPICE netlists or even to schedule a simulation. For effective operation, you would also want to have a supplied library of simulation models and flexible simulation control. Cadence orcad CIS is an example of a tool, that's basically capable of doing both simulation and PCB (...)
Try using orcad layout translator through this you can translate your orcad layout file(*.max file) to Allegro layout file