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cadsence orcad is the best for schematic and pcb in my experience.
I didnt hear for "demo full version" before. Best regards, Peter ;-) LOL :-) @mallappat2011.... try open source tools on Ubuntu (You need to install Ubuntu- a flavour of Linux). There are plenty of them and many are as good as orcad.
Hi everyone... I m using orcad capture cis 9.1 sofware for shematic design.. ryt nom i get hungry to know about PCB designing... i hav tried Express pcb and pcb123 software for designing.. still i need much more to know.. importing netlist and component placement is little bit tough.. so here i m requesting you to send sole user friendly prof
From this location you can get all Cadence DEMO software and latest versions :
YOu can use existing 32 bit version on Win 7 64bit. URL for download is
LT spice is good,orcad9.1 student version is also good
I would recommend starting with a (software) tool tailored for that device and go from there. One of the manufacturers of such a 16V8 is Atmel. Go to their site and download the (free) WinCUPL software. Other compilers for such a device are: ABEL LOG/iC orcad-PLD PLDesigner Tango-PLD The 16V8 has only 8 macro-cells (...)
download the libraries and use them with orcad Pspice or any other Pspice program. The model is generic pSpice model
You can use PSpice for teaching simulation of basic electronics. Students can read the circuit and simulate the same to understand the effect of various components in circuit. You can download free Eval Version from Cadence orcad download
eagle can export P*otel/unidat... ascii files. then we can translate these files to the format you want. This could be very useful. What software can convert P*otel/unidat ascii files into orcad (aside from Protel/Altuim, I guess)?
Why you need to simulate a microcontroller with orcad? What kind of simulation are you performing? Bye
hi all i m using orcad 9.1 I want to learn P-Spice what unable to do anything with help provided by the software. can anyone help me? can u send me any book or can tell me a link thanx
CS8900A comes in a 100 LQFP pakage.... You can download orcad library here... Hope this helps
official orcad link however, the software is a demo version. lots of limitation. i would suggest u to get a free layout tool.
Hi, First, if you dont have access to any pspice software, download the eval vesion included in orcad 10.0 download the student standalone 9.1 version find some good tutorial over the net, like this one
download pspice or hspice of student version from anywhere. For example you can download student version of pspice from and then read some tutorial or books on spice here is a link for spice reference: