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Try and verify the accuracy of your model by extracting parameters yourself and compare with published parameters. I have done many osc designs with ADS and the measured results most of the time agrees closely with the simulated results provided the model is accurate. You should also try and verify with another simulator. I often use Ansoft Designe
Here is a simulation of the osc part in ADS to give you some idea. Shows oscillation around 100MHz at about 10mW output. You can see that Vout on the tank goes above 9V as expected by theory.
check the cadence application note about oscillator simulation , there is a steps to measure the phase noise khouly
the oscillator option is for real oscillator circuits which is not ur case, so u need to unselect it and put ur own clock generation model
It seems the simulaiton step is not small enough. Another solution for osc simulation is to set initial condition. You can set different initial voltage for differential voltage
Your code has no config specs. In the Proteus simulation example you refer to, the config word is set with WDT is off, LP osc and PWRTE enabled (not the default settings). If the Watchdog is on you will see resets during program execution which will cause funnies. However, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to drive PORTB <2:3> unless
i am not sure but isn't the beat freq. of osc. is the oscillation freq.
did u put the inital condition , it make the oscillator simulation converge better , sometimes use the VDD as a step source not just a DC source what is the tools u use in the simuation ? khouly
For a ring osc. 3-stage is better than 4-stage in terms of jitter ? How to determine the stage number ?
always the oscillator test put it between the oscillator core and resonator , or in the feedback path khouly
The Xtal osc circuit needs a huge shunt resistor. How to make it on chip? thank you!
Hi ginerjxb Can u post you simulation file for us? Added after 12 minutes: Hi davidwong, The ESR = (Rs + Co/Cl)^2, so when u increase Rs=200, ESR= 272 >260 so you osc cannot oscillate
The OPA ac look phase is 180 degree (ideal) at low frequency, but simulation result 0 degree. Will the circuit osc. at low frequency?
Hi, Currently I am running post layout simulation for my ring osc. I did 2 different parasitic extraction. First is C only and the second one is RC. Then I run the simulation to find the gate delay of the gate. The problem is, the results from RC extraction simulation is faster than C only extraction. The difference is in (...)
Hi all, When I design a ring osc VCO, I run into a problem when I want to simulate the delay cell's gain. I used a pseudo-differential delay element(Sungkyung Park et al.,Elec. Letters May,2001) My question is: how to consider (both in theory and in simulation) the pseudo differential delay element?s gain? According to the Barkhausen Cr
Hi I used q2n3904 for collipts osc at 27 and 100 MHz It worked fine for both. its Ft is about 400 MHz from simulation and lab test Thanks
i am designning one osc circuit, i simualtion trans, temp characteristic and with power connect, and if the other simulation should be done? for example:monte-carlo, noise sensitivities, some loop analysis, some corners......... thanks
Did you put some initialization timle in PSS ?? Or Could you start your simulation from when steady state arrives to full oscillation conditions are satisfied ?? If you link your design here , I may help you...
hi all very simple how can i simulate the following diagram (check the image) in matlab simulink? this is the simplifeid form of osc.(when AB almost equal to 1) thx all
Yeap run a PSS+Pnoise simulation, you must run the PSS together with Pnoise and set the guessed foundamental frequency of your oscillator, set the harmonic to 7 or higher, set the initial time to 100ns or higher.