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Hello, I have a question about super-harmonic ILOs. Let's assume that the ILO's injected signal=4ghz and the ILO operates at a free running freq.=800MHz so that it oscillates at 1/5 of the injected frequency. The question is, will the ILO lock at the 4ghz or the 800MHz? What will be the frequency of the ILO's output signal? Thanks,
Hi! I am currently designing a dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) with a fixed 4ghz frequency. I acquired some dielectric resonators and fashioned a cca. 50ohm microstrip line with 2 SMA connectors on its ends. I plugged the connectors into a vector network analyzer and placed a dielectric resonator cylinder next to the line, but however I mo
Please explain. They taught us that a 0 phase is needed and gain of >1 is necessary to get an oscillator from a loop combination of an active and passive devices.
For 30kHz, crystal oscillator may be used.. For 2495MHz, LC oscillator ( Colpitts,Clapp, Differential etc.) should be considered..
Hi I am trying to do some simulation on the cuicut below which is used in speed measuring radar. After the power up, the oscilator works and transmits 2.4ghz(maybe) signal, after hits some moving object, the return signal mix with the orignal signal in the mixer,and a low frequency can be got, so the speed can be calculated. 79519
Hello Dear micktosin It is simple . You can find not or nand gates at HC or HCT families . ( they can work at frequencies up to 75MHZ) . thus you can design a relaxation oscillator with a resistor and capacitor . By the way , how did you generate the 4ghz frequency ? Good luck Goldsmith I guess you have no
Is there any alternative for 2.4ghz oscillator ic with such models?
This is an example of 2.4ghz Colpitts oscillator, which can be easily simulated in Spice. Spice model of BFP420 is available on the net.
Hi all, I'm simulating a differential ring oscillator with 10 stages in cadence I'm using PSS to determine oscillation frequency then Pnoise to get the phase noise. I seem to be getting some very strange results where the phase noise has positive dBc/Hz from relative frequency of 1Hz to 1kHz from my oscillation frequency of 2.4ghz. This se
Hi to all, I have problem simulating VCO gain. Actually I simply change Vcont and see the output frequency. So my result will be like , 1.8V - 4ghz, 1.6V - 3.8GHz, 1.4V - 3.6V .... . I used ring oscillator same as Savoj paper: 10Gb/s Half-Rate Phase Detector. But the problem is, his VCO curve (gain) is something like this .... image
Hi there I am using RO4003 as my substrate in building an oscillator. How do I assume values for stray inductance caused by the pads and tracks used to couple components together? I am working at 4ghz. Any help would be great. Thanks
Car alarms use a simple oscillator for 433Mhz. Open one up and see. It is based on 1 transistor, a capacitor, a coil and a resistor.
Hi microwave guys I'm currently designing microwave oscillators around 4ghz. We tested already one of them and it resonated around 2.2GHz. One reason for the mismatch in frequency can be explained by the fact that we used the wrong Er (3 in stead of 3.5) . But normally i think it doesnt change the freq that much. Or is it????? The next thing
Hi, I am designing a differential ring oscillator using 0.13 technology. I used four Maneatis symmetric load delay cells. I can get it oscillate ( around 2-4ghz). But the phase noise is always very large (around -60dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset). Thank you.
I want to build a 4ghz oscillator using this device. In order to do that i need to simulate the circuit in ADS. This is where my problem lies, ADS does not have the Linear (S-parameter) model available. For those who know about ADS, it is the model that is specified according to its Vce and Ic values (biasing values). Where can I find a model fo
Hello, I am simulating a quadrature L-C VCO. There should be two stable states for this oscillator, one oscillates at higher frequency and the other at lower frequency. For example, for a 2.4ghz QVCO, it has equal possibility to oscillate at 2.5GHz or 2.3GHz. But in my simulation, It only oscillates at the higher frequency 2.5GHz, and couldn
hello all: i simulate a cmos ring oscillator use hspice, as in the paper said, the frequency could reach to 3-4g under 0.35um technology but there is a strange phenomena that in some control voltage, the output wave change after some time, for 3.3 to 6g , i do not know why. and if i chage the .tran step to 0.001ns, the frequen
A few of my observations.... (1)Firstly your Iprobe should be in series with Rd if you want it to measure drain current, it won't measure anything where it is. (2) for this oscillator to work you want 0/360 degrees around the loop - therefore at 4ghz the device and resonator will add electrical length - you must add more electrical length - i
Recently , I am running a 2.4ghz lc oscillator but I DON'T know how to write hspice script to simulatr phase of lc oscillator could someone tell me the details . Thx