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What can I use as external trigger sources for the Oscilloscope external trigger input besides the line frequency? What trigger sources can I use
Did check voltage levels with an oscillocope or average values with a multimeter? Did you verify correct supply voltages? Would be better to see a schematic.
Halo, I am working on DDR3 interface. Do you know the difference between AC175 and AC150?? Why there is AC reading in high speed sginals, upto know I have only dealt with Vih(dc) and never used Vih(ac). how to check the AC input logic high Vih(ac) in oscillocope?? why are they using AC rating with DC ratings?? Tom
You must be very carefull by measuring anything on an smps design. Start with keeping the ground lead of the oscillocope probe as close as possible to the probe (minimising the loop). Most of the times you can see a difference. Also try to measure with the bare probe tip and the ground lead wrapped as a spiral around the probe. With some probes
hi i wnt to know how i can use an oscillocope well. also what's about a digital oscilloscope? how it works?
I wan schematic on CS 4025 oscillocope. Here i posted a schematic of another oscilloscope: Tektronix 465.