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18bit is an extremely high precision, even a 75,000$ oscilloscope from Agilent does not support an 18 bit vertical resolution! The resistors and other components in the circuit will limit precision much before the ADC's limit. What is the maximum error percentage that you desire?
You'll think about suitable debugging means for your problem. Hardware means: - an oscilloscope to monitor the Rx and Tx data - an UART spy adapter that taps Rx and Tx data and send it to a PC, at best two RS232 channels and Docklight software Software means: - avr in system debugger Regarding possible baudrate problems. The usual way is to
There are an infinite number of reasons this isn't working. For starters, have you looked at signals with an oscilloscope? Have you run a simulation on your design?
The main goal was to increase the frequency range but maintaining the cheapest cost. Large and inexpensive color display has been used. Drzasiek wanted build a mobile device, so he was looking for small elements.
3 - miniature 2-channel digital oscilloscope for evryone User drzasiek presents another, already the third version of digital oscilloscope with processor from the avr family. This time the machnine is more complex, there are added a lot of interesting and useful features
You can check a few DSO input stages, maybe they can help Soudez! Zigbee forum - Digital oscilloscope (DSO) avr-dso (the schematic is in the layout folder) Bitscope Ha
You can try an experiment by using an oscilloscope and see the wave form generated by HT12E and one by one change the data and address. Measure the pulse width and carefully record the combination of 1 and 0.
I have an old cylindrical type crystal osc with numbers 14318 on the shell. What is the freq of this crystal? It doesn't have a decimal or anything. I got this from an old computer (early 90s). I don't have an oscilloscope btw. Do these crystals need caps to work because i connected it to xtal 1 and 2 of an avr without caps and it works. Ca
Here is some nice microcontroller projects using Atmel avr MCUs: oscilloscope using a microcontroller and a TV: Projects in Neurobiology and Behavior : Student Projects: Digital Oscillos