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can you explain your requirement? what kind of hardware you are going to use for oscilloscope, impedance analyzer and spectrum analyzer. what do u mean by "I wished these three instruments could be used in a single device and make it computer-based. I also want to explore it using myDAQ and labview and a PIC microcontroller."
Hi, I got a wave from oscilloscope in a csv extension, this is a real wave, now I would like to simulate in multisim or proteus isis this wave instead of the common models of wave like sine or pulse. does someone know do it?
You get a warning! Do not request or post the same in different section Read rules, announcements before posting Does anyone have a software for Tektronix TDS 1002B?
hello everybody, Now, i have a atmega168-20pu. I need to read a analogue signal and output a digital signal via rs232 or usb into a pc. Then, I should use labview to read the data and make calculation. Is there anybody tell me how to design the circuit and how to write the program? thank you
Have any want use to design oscilloscope by using labview, with NI Card?
Hello, I need your help if someone know how to build a very basic virtual oscilloscope using NI 6220 ( ) I just want to display the sine signal generated from a function generator. I don't use labview or Measurement Studio because still can't afford to buy the license now. So, a bas
Hi I need to obtain values from an oscilloscope using Matlab. I have connected the PC to oscilloscope using a GPIB USB interface. I want to record a trace that keeps changing all the time. Can someone help me with some tutorials about different functions in Matlab for recording trace from oscilloscope? Thanks
Hello!! I would like to create a virtual laboratory on my laptop using labview and or matlab. What do you thing a cheap reliable DAQ system would be. I would like to use it for example to take measurements using my virtual oscilloscope etc. Thanks!
Yes you can buy PCI or USB digital oscilloscope, just search google for pc based oscilloscope. Here are some links for PC based oscilloscopes: