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Hi all have recently aquired a telequipment D51 oscilloscope and am tryind to find a manual Any help would be greatly appreciated I am not a tech but enjoy learning new things Thanks in advance for an help ps, the oscilloscope does work but i believe it needs to be calibrated and trimmers cleaned. thus the need for a manual Thanks
Unfortunately, if it has the pattern in the SDI stream it means it is coming from the CCD or something near to it in the circuit. There is remote possibility it is noise on the supply line but that would tend to show more on the composite output than the SDI output. You really need a schematic and a good oscilloscope to investigate this fault but
Are you looking at this with a voltmeter or an oscilloscope.
Sounds like you should post a schematic before expecting answers. Seeing "1V" doesn't say much about the actual waveform, the problem demands for an oscilloscope.
The general rule is that TV may have a dangerous voltage on its chassis. Therefore the isolation transformer is used. However, another general rule is that the oscilloscope should be safety grounded. And then no isolation transformer is used for it.
On the main toolbar under "Graph" click on "Add Traces" to add probe names. Why don't you just use the virtual oscilloscope to check input and output signals? Look on the LHS toolbar under the meter icon to add virtual instruments.
Pin 14 of U1 and U2 should go to Vdd (+5V) and both pin 7 should go to GND.(0V). Your clock pulse should go to pin 13 of both U1 and U2 as they are identical. Connect a oscilloscope to the 3 points as in my schematic and you can get more info on what your circuit is doing. See my attachment in proteus. Allen
You should show a schematic that clarifies the node names in the description and oscilloscope waveforms.
First, before you do any countermeasures, reveal the source of your problem. Use an oscilloscope and check for transients, especially on VCC and Reset pins of your pic. When the malfunction happens? Which part of your circuit in your schematic is active in this situation? It's also possible that the problem is due some layout mistakes, is the d
that is right,but I wonder If I have circuit don't work well how I can know that the wrong in a capacitor or in a second part. thanks It is often almost impossible to test installed components in a circuit. First you need the schematic, and with a voltmeter or better an oscilloscope you can test voltages in impo
You need to post a photo of your circuit, and also your circuit's exact schematic. There are many things that could be done wrong, even if we assume that your code is perfect. Without a photo, it would take many, many questions to try to extract the necessary information that you have omitted from your post. Do you have an oscilloscope? if so,
I needed to repair my WESD51 station recently and decided to draw out the schematic to aid in troubleshooting. I also included some oscilloscope captures around the TRIAC and line syncing interrupt input to allow comparisons. I hope it may be useful to someone in a similar situation. Thermocouple vs ADC input voltages are also listed to correlate
If CRO is the Cathode-Ray oscilloscope, then today.s oscilloscopes use a different display. You can use any good oscilloscope to observe voltage waveforms. What exactly you need? Do you have some schematics and specifications?
Two points. 1. I think that the details of your post can be much better (or at all) understood with a schematic. 2. Apparently you are measuring at high impedance nodes in your circuit with a regular oscilloscope probe. The results are effectively meaningless for high frequencies. E.g. a 93k resistor loaded with a 12 pF probe input forms a lo
Hi, Does anyone know where to get a schematic for a HP iPAQ hx4700 audio in/out? I plan to use it as an Pocket oscilloscope (Pocket Multi-Instrument 1.0) There is following info: google: Does HP 4700 have an input that can support an external microphone instead of the internal one? - The jack is dual purpose offering stereo
Check on oscilloscope what are you getting from pin A or B. In your schematic it'll be better to use pull up and pull down at A & Bwhile using 485 conversion... wikipage of RS485 has details explanation about how to connect them and why we need them and which values we should use for pull up & pull down. Because it seems that your slave may not be
Hello friends. I need schematic diagram of oscilloscope bs-610. Thanks in advance. Best Regards:Barosov
Have you looked at the data sheet? Do you have the control signals in the proper state? Have you looked at them with an oscilloscope? Have you tried a different (working) chip? Posting a schematic might help.
ASUS M51T motherboard schematic. Do you have a modern oscilloscope in your lab, my friend? If you have only multimeter on your hands .... than you don't need motherboard schematic .... its will not help you.
Hello all! I must resolder Picoscope2000 wires. Does anybody know whether a Picoscope2000 schematic diagram is available somewhere? Thanks a lot gusts
I own a Leader LBO-518 that is not working and need a schematic to repair it. If anyone has the schematic and could scan it or copy it it would appreciated.
Strange. Rather than your schematic, or a picture of the oscilloscope measurements, or a picture of your test setup, you show a picture of your hands. I hope someone finds that useful. Keith
How you are generating AC input sequence on your schematic? Could you share schematic you are using? Or check the signal on your input pin using oscilloscope window.
Hi, I just got myself my first oscilloscope(IWATSU SS6122). However, I cant find the manual for this model. I am wondering if someone could point me to the PDF file. any help is appreciated Thanks :)
Hi. schematic? Try put a oscilloscope probe to read Vds on all the transistors. That will reveals if one or several doesn't conduct as much as you want them to.
hey there.. i'm trying to connect two channel oscilloscope as shown in figure 2.. but i can't connect it to the required node.. please guide me.. :?: 64320 64321
The main goal was to increase the frequency range but maintaining the cheapest cost. Large and inexpensive color display has been used. Drzasiek wanted build a mobile device, so he was looking for small elements.
hello! i am using the following probes for my sound card oscilloscope. 58310 it is giving me the following results from pic16f819 50 hertz oscillator. the frequency counter shows 49 hertz. because it is not complete 50 hertz :P 58311 but i think the following schematic may improve the input
I am in need of a schematic for a power supply board in a B&k 1432 oscilloscope with a board number x68-1200-00. anyone have one available. needed for a school project for my brother to complete in electronics by the end of july. any help or direction to one is appreciated.
Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Yes, i am able to apply a meter to the circuits, though i am not keen on getting shocked, i know already what it feels like :-) The high-voltage part in this oscilloscope is realized with two charge pumps as it seems, one gives -1400V, that is also where the intensity knob takes influence. I'd favor a defect in
Hello, I would like to have the schematic of a DC-coupled wideband amplifier, as used in oscilloscopes. I have tried to download some oscilloscope schematics but they use propietary ICs. Many thanks in advanced!
B+K Manuals - Instruction Manuals, Service Manuals, User Manuals, Charts, schematics its not free but Woah! I don't want to buy the whole scope! I'm just looking for a schematic! A schematic is something that is free to the owner of a product that was originall
You can check a few DSO input stages, maybe they can help Soudez! Zigbee forum - Digital oscilloscope (DSO) AVR-dso (the schematic is in the layout folder) Bitscope Ha
Hello, I have found this Ultra-Simple oscilloscope I wonder if there are other similar simple oscilloscope projects out there. I tried to search but I could not find any. Any links for a simple to make solid state oscilloscope? (around 30MHz max frequency would be nice)
Hello I consider this bare bones spectrum analyzer spectrum_an I like to display the signal not on an oscilloscope but on a small portable TV having video and RF inputs So I need a XY to video converter schematic. Is there any one outthere, I cannot find any.
The service manual is for models IWATSU SS-7611 IWATSU SS-7610 IWATSU SS-7607 IWATSU SS-7606 oscilloscopes. I was searching this manual for long time for my IWATSU SS-7606. Thank you very much for your kind contribution.
Hey i searched for oximeter but this problem hasn't occured on the results. I build my own sensor using 2 LED's and photodiode. Connected as in schematic attached (one change -> the differential op amp got right now gain only 1 because i dont have any resistors left ). Im reading the signal so far with oscilloscope (ox3.png). Want to ask if
this one is also a very excellent parallel port base oscilloscope (complete) need some help?
I need a schematic and repair info for a B&K Precision 1420 oscilloscope This is a Mini-Scope. Thanks Mick-M
karesz, thanks for the reply. I will make some space and open up the oscilloscope again. I had made some temporary fix, but it got worse again after a few hours of use. In a few days more info will be posted. thanks Monolith
Hi, I'm looking for schematics or service manual of Kenwood CS-5140 oscilloscope.
my oscilloscope no trace line .when press beam fine switch crt show green point no adjust.I need schematic for repair
Hi, I'm looking for a Service Manual / schematics for oscilloscope Hung Chang 5506. User Manual also of interest! Any suggestions? - Please let me know! Regards // wyatt
Tnx FvM, I finded just some web-sites over (other) scope (leader, hung chang ...)
Hi, A long time ago, my Wavetek 9016 dual trace oscilloscope became faulty, and I just put it aside and purchased a DSO instead. I recently decided to have a look ate the Wavetek again to try to repair it, and found out that the only thing wrong with it is the Power Supply transformer. I cannot find any schematic on the net.. neither of th
Hello, I founf some difficult to displaye any signal (square for example) in the oscilloscope using ADS software. in attached file the schematic, what can i add for the cicruit to display the signal ? many thanks N
Hello I manage to find this circuit so if someone can tell me does this work, this is the circuit for analog oscilloscopes, and point of this circuit is showing 4 digital signals on one oscilloscope CH
I have a 10MHZ Voltcraft single channel oscilloscope which is not working. Does anyone have a schematic for this? It is a Model 610-2. I have opened upthe oscilloscope and done some preliminary checks. Everything looks fine. The tube "heater" is functioning, but there is no trace. Please see the enclosed picture of the scope. Would (...)
Hi, I'm looking for the Hung-Chang or Protek 6510 oscilloscope service manual or schematic diagram. Thanks for any info.
need schematics of powersupply board inside HP45645 oscilloscope