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I know this has been asked a million time and I have read them all and have followed some of your suggestions, but still get unreasonable measurments. I want to measure CMRR and PSRR. I did a monte carlo simulation as suggested and added up to 10% missmatch in the input devices and measured the output (...)
Hi, I am trying to implement the integrator shown in the file integrator.jpg. But I don't know why the output of the integrator is always constant and doesn't vary with time. I have attached the schematic of the ota used in this integrator. Below is my spice code. Could anyone please take a look and tell me what the problem
Dear All, thank you for reading this topic. I just design an ota and I will conect it to a capacitor to build a lowpass filter. Then I will put a 100mV sine signal at the input and want to see the harmonic distortion at the output. Does anyone show me the procedure that how can I get the result? A sample is put in the attchment (...)
Generally, ota Topology is like as Diff-Amp's Av = B gm Ro If you want to observe the output current, It can be measured between PMOS and NMOS at output node. I(OUTPUT) = I(PMOS)-I(NMOS) Regards, iPierre
I designed a SC CMFB, but when I added this CMFB to an ota, the gain of ota would decrease seriously,even decrease to <0dB. Why? The current is too small(For my ota, it's current is 350uA)? Or the cap of CMFB is too big(One is 150fF, and another is 800fF)? I have no idea about what happened. Anybody can explain? Thank you (...)