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Hello I have to design a very high-speed fully-differential output comparator. If my design strategy is to use 2-stage open-loop millter ota, then do I have to use some kind of Common-mode Feedback Circuit for this type of comparator. I can design a track-latch comparator(which doesn't need above complexity) but my question is
I've come up with a strange issue. When simulating a ota with feedback, I simulated the loop gain by cutting the loop at ota input. In almost all corners, the phase margin will be close to 70degree. However, in fast corner and hot temperature, the loop DC gain is positive. However, transient simulation shows that there (...)
i need design one SC circuit,the frequency of clock is 1MHZ,VDD=2.5V,the visual i need to firm the ota spec.i want the open-loop gain of ota is 40db at 1mhz,and the PM is 45 degree at 0db. its right? the common inout voltage how to firm? and its should be ?
maybe offset error or ota has not enough open-loop gain
How to determine transistor size of folded cascode ota(gain=80db,fu=30Mhz)? Thanks! Rose