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Vdc=0 would be suitable for an ota with bipolar power supply. Nothing has be said yet about the test setup details. Technically, gm versus vid can be measured either in AC analysis with parametric vid sweep or by differentiating Iout = f(vid) obtained in a DC sweep. Considering existing tool features, the latter is probably easier to achieve.
Hi, Could anyone help me out to plot the linear range of a single ended ota, I mean the test bench to plot the input differential voltage V/s the output current. I am trying to plot the curves but I guess my test-bench is wrong. Pls help me out
Hi, I am designing a simple two stage ota as show in the figure. can anyone suggest the test bench for simulating the transconductance of the ota. Pls do explain with figures if possible. I tried looking into lot of test benches already uploaded but it did not make much of sense to me. ex:
hello , I found difficulty in proving the transient response of continuous time amplifier attached is the veriloga code , the test bench , and the o/p transient the transient is differential with no feedback (as ota) , but when applying the input and fb capacitance , the o/p is no longer differential please help me `include "discipline
So who builds this ota? You will need to get a Spice model for the transistor from them.
Dear Friends: Several months ago,I have designed a two-stage ota and fabricated in 0.18um CMOS technology.Now,I faced with some problems in testing my ota.I have already worked out some close-loop test procedures for the ota,however,recently I have seen some papers showing their open-loop (...)
Hello every one, I have attached design of programmable ota. but i dont know how to measure parameters like gain, phase, CMRR, PSRR, slew rate etc. To measure all this parameters i have used one test bench which is also attached here. But problem is that i have measured gain in db, which is negative and phase is also negative. In test (...)
Thnks sir but I cant understand how to generate test bench for below given ota design? which test bench design is suitable for this? i want to find parameters of ota? please guide me. 71805
I am facing a netlist error while running a test bench circuit which has only a single ota subcircuit . It was working okay after i completed the test bench and ran some simulations on it. After that I wanted to simulate the post layout of that ota circuit, for which i simply inserted the extracted file name as performed (...)
LAW, is it wise to measure the open-loop gain for a device that has a 10kohms output resistance? Such a device can be classified (nearly) as an ota. Do you intend to measure without any (nominal) load?
hello everyone i have designed the analog schematic of a operational transconductance amplifier(ota) circuit in CADENCE . now i want to measure the following parameters of the designed circuit:- 1) Dc gain 2) unity gain bandwidth 3) phase margin 4) power consumption 5) settling time 6) output swing
I want to test if an ota with differential input/output is working properly. What kind of topology should I use to calculate suitable behavior and gain?The only circuit and topologies I know and find around are for single output amps and I don't know if these can be applied similarly and I am a little confused...
Hi I have designed capacitive feedback fully differentail ota. I am trying to simulate loop gain and step response of ota. Fig1 shows the test bench used Fig2 shows the loop gain and fig3 shows the step response. I have following questions 1. Why loop gain curve is not flat at the beginning? Theory shows that at low frequency loop (...)
Hi guys, I want to test (not simulation) an ota as is shown in the figure. This test method comes from one IEEE paper, but I have one big problem with this testing method, which is the offset of this ota. The ota is a folded-cascode amplifier with gain-boosting which is to be used in the (...)
Hi all, I'm using a PTAT current source to compensate the temperature dependence of my ota-C filter. I was able to get Current proportional to temperature but the problem I'm facing is, the variation over process corners is too much. Is there any way I can design a PTAT current source that doesn't (or vary less) with process, prefarably not usi
Hi, I want to test the GBW of CMFB in this ota, but don't know where to separate the circuit and give the input or test the output. Can anybody tell me please? Thanks a lot:)
Because you want to measure/simulate the output current, the output must not remain open. However, donīt connect a capacitor at the ota output because it introduces a frequency dependence which belongs not to the device under test (ota). Instead, use a resistor which produces a maximum voltage in the milli-volts range. This is sufficient to (...)
I've tape out an ota, now want to test the bandwidth of it, just use oscilloscope,but the input load of oscilloscope is very big which will affect the bandwidth of ota, can anyone give me any suggestion how to test it , thanks very much!
Hello friends, I want to simulate the THD of a folded-cascode ota (differential ended structure) --> Figure 1. Can any one know what is the best test-schematic of this component? And how to calculate exactly the THD? (with TRAN simulation and THD command in the Calculator, or with PSS sim
how to test gm of ota for the different input voltage? thanks. dose it need DC simulation, gm=(Id1-Id2)/(Vin1-Vin2). right or wrong?