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Hello Can any one help me in calculating thd, HD2 and HD3 in cadence. I am designing an ota. I dont know what sampling frequency to use? In some forum I have read I have to calculate DFT aswell for thd can any one help? Thanx
Hello everyone, I have designed ota for hearing aid application. I want to measure thd of ota. How can i measure it? The value that i get is it in percentage or not? Another query is that gain of the ota is the ratio of output current to input voltage or ratio of output voltage to input voltage? please help me i (...)
I am designing an ota for my GmC filter, and I have question regarding the thd simulation. In, papers, I find thd results for the ota while sweeping input signal amplitude. However, I am not sure if the output is left open for this simulation. for example, if the ota gain is 40dB, then for a 100mVpp input (...)
Hi, I designed two Gm-C low-pass biquad filters by using only folded-cascode and telescopic-cascode otas for the each biquad. thd of the telescopic-cascode based filter is much much more than of folded-cascode based filter. I was expecting telescopic-based would have less thd! I wonder if my expectation is wrong or my circuits! (...)
hello !! how can i measure HD3 ,thd, IIP3, IIM3 using cadence analog environment for cmos ota design please reply soon......its urgent thanks in advance :)
1) DNL is affected due to comparator offsets and due to gain error of the opamps in the mdac sections. the INL is just a cumulative sum of the DNL. the SNR, thd are frequency content parameters. the finite gain and bandwidth of the ota in the mdacs, the bottom plate capacitances, the error in capacitor values and many more will have a toll on t
Dear All, thank you for reading this topic. I just design an ota and I will conect it to a capacitor to build a lowpass filter. Then I will put a 100mV sine signal at the input and want to see the harmonic distortion at the output. Does anyone show me the procedure that how can I get the result? A sample is put in the attchment and t
hi all, i am designing a 3rd order Sigma-Delta ADC for Audio applications. The specs would be something like 18bits, thd<0.1%, OSR = 256. What will be an estimate of the ota gain and BW, and why? Regards.
Hello friends, I want to simulate the thd of a folded-cascode ota (differential ended structure) --> Figure 1. Can any one know what is the best test-schematic of this component? And how to calculate exactly the thd? (with TRAN simulation and thd command in the Calculator, or with PSS sim
From that FFT, you can add all harmonic components (usually ~5th or 7th) to calculate thd. thd = toal harmonic distortion. What is thd3? Is this IP3? thd is defined as "Ratio of the total power of 2nd and higher harmonic components to the power of the fundamental power". What you have to remember (...)
to safwatonline because the ota will be used in the SC integrator, the capacitance load is very high. I think it is too difficult to enlarge the GBW and SR
hi everyone I have a problem in my design. when i use BTL output ,the thd is large ,i simulate with spectre now i have found the problem ,in sometime the NMOS and PMOS power thansistor both off. i think that the ota's gain is too small ,so i let the bais current increase ,in this time the thd is improved but if i do this ,the (...)