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SDF is nothing but extracted out of spef. Is it? I thought SDF is generated earlier in the flow (using primetime) & SPEF is generated later using STAR-RC. Anyways, I think the answer to my question might be that there is no way to backannotate the SPEF delays.....
when i m giving a command to testbench ncelab tst::follwoing error will occur ...plz help me out ..its urgent ncelab tst ncelab(64): 09.20-s009: (c) Copyright 1995-2009 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. include $CDS_INST_DIR/tools/inca/files/IEEE_pure/cds.lib | ncelab: *W,DLCPTH (./cds.lib,2): cds.lib No such file (...)
Dear all, I need to use multiple-steps compilation in nc-sim with dumping out the fsdb file. I failed to use .... call fsdbDumpfile ("xxx.fsdb") call fsdbDumpvars 0 top_xxx_module run .... in command.tcl for the -INPUT option in ncsim. The log file shows the following: ERROR: VHPI (...)
ncsim> probe -create -shm -database $vec Whole_Chip -depth all -all -memories ERROR: Unable to allocate memory for transition file variable table. ncsim: *E,SST2ER: SST2 interface error: out of memory. ncsim: *E,SST2ER: SST2 interface error: out of memory. does anybody know why?