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What is your power consumption constraint and output dynamic range relative to your power supply.
Hi I'm designing a cml buffer (3.3V supply) 100 ohm differential termination I wonder how to have a 2V output common mode and 1.5 Vpp differential output swing any one have suggestions thanks.
hi, I have a differential cml buffer with resistance as load. It runs at 20G/Hz. What's the reasonable way to get the DC value for one output ? Best Wishes Gang
Hi, I am working in a Δ-Σ Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers, and it cover from 2.3G to 2.7G. I need some advice about the output buffer of it, and this buffer should has 50Ω output matching. The signal to the output buffer is a cml voltage level signal (...)
The diff pair steers the current to either transistor depending on the voltage at their inputs. The current, which determines the output voltage swing, is set by a current source.
Hi, I need help - I have a (differential) cml buffer which drives the output driver stage of a lvds TX driver. Now I would like to have a stage before the ml buffer which converts the data-signal which has cmos-logic-level and is single-ended to the differential potential that is needed by the cml (...)
1 )usually the output of the 1st divider is a cml differential output , so u need some kind of differential to singal ended conversion , usually a high speed OTA can be employed , this also will act as a buffer , if u designed it carefully 2) the caps , will be in the order of RF short circuit , so it don't distort the (...)
the static CMOS is slower , and use full swing , in cml , u can make the core work in very low swing ,and this will give u tha ability to work in higher speeds , also the current steering is more faster than changing the load capacitors and at the output use buffer to convert the signal back to full swing , khouly
it will depend on the load that will be driven by this buffer , the input capacitance of the secopnnd stage , also u need to know ur required swing in input and output , ur tail current and so on khouly
hello in designing output cml buffer,,it is used to put the resistance 50 ohm for matching,,,,,,,and for certain swing ,the current specified ,,,so,,if the package capacitance tooo high ,,so that i must increase the current,,but i want the same swing,and also the 50 ohm matching resistance if i increase the current the swing changed,,
Hi, We are developing a chip which we expect to replace some commercial ones. The commercial one is Bicmos in which the output is PECL buffer. We use the CMOS process to replace it, so we can only use it with cml output buffer. If the applications is AC coupling, I think it is OK for the (...)
hello i am designing a cml output buffer ,,,concerning the last stage of cml line driver,i must have the resistances values equal to 50 ohm cause of matching ,,,and i want a certain swing ,,so , the current in the last stage is determined,,,,also ,,depending on the CM input level,,the sizes also determined,,,,now ,,if i (...)
in LVDS and cml output buffers,,,,,i have certain required swing, and a matching resistance of 100 ohm differentially, put at the output,,,so current are predetermined,,,so,,,what can i change to account for high load output capacitance?,,,,,,thanks
Our design has the cml output buffer, before it is the amplifier stage. In design, we considered teh mismatch of the amp satge and cml stage and found no issues on the duty cycles for the output eye-diagram even with the output offset up to 200mV. But for the silicon test, we found the duty (...)
i intend to design output buffers,,,,,,,, cml output clock buffer works at 2.5GHz,,and LVDS output data buffer at 800MHz,,,,,, any papers,, books that talks in the design issues of these buffers,, please upload `em thanks
Do u have ideas about the cml output buffer "its topology, design issuses,......" i will be greatfull if u send something related to this Visit the web sites of establish companies like Texas, Maxim to find out the application notes on cml buffer and also through net resourses as well.
The output of my circuit is a cml output buffer. I intend to use two stage cml output buffer to get better signal integrity. Can anyone see some disadvantage of it? Thanks Chang, Pls refer to this paper. It might help you. If you can't find, let me know i will (...)