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Hi Bukero, You need to write an expression for refractive index, permittivity and permeability in terms on SYZ parameters. If you have the expressions, you create an output variable and plot them with respect to frequency. If you are using Driven Modal solution, you take a look at the effective epsilon and lambda from the (...)
Hello, I setup below outputs to calculate the equavilent parallel R and L by doing one-port SP analysis in Virtuoso ADS. freq=xval(aaSP(1 1)) Lp=-1/imag(YP(1 1))/(2*acos(-1)*freq)) Rp=1/real(YP(1 1)) It showed error message: ("*Error* eval: unbound variable" freq). Seems the result of the 1st expr
Not quite sure, but I'm guessing that the output frequency is a function of the angle of the variable cap's adjustment angle. Does that make sense? Is this maybe some kind of tilt-sensing circuit?
You need to write the expression for Phase contant (beta). Create an output variable with the expression for the phase constant. Let me know if you are not able to do.
Just insert before your output expression " =" Example: gain = VF("/Out") dcgain = value(gain 0) bw = bandwidth(gain 3 "low") dcgain*bw
how can I measure logic threshold in cadence analog design environments of an inverter . or formulating problem in more generic way how can i find value of A(a design variable) for which some output expression attains some desired value.
Result browser --> variables-->middle click on the required variable and get expression--> use this expression for the variable in the output setup.
A simple way to calculate the effective dielectric constant of a transmission line is to use the unwrapped phse of the S21. The phase of S21 is electrical length of the transmission line in degree. So, you can plot the effective dielectric constant versus frequencies by adding an expression of the output variable as shown below. (...)
Hello, I have a question about HFSS script. I have a problem when I want to use an output variable in a mathematical expression. I try to use the command " variableValue" to put the value of the "output variable" in a declared variable but (...)