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hello everybody Figure below shows a switched capacitor low pass filter. Implemented this circuit in Cadence.Used NMOS transistors for the two switches.I want By changing the input frequency obtain the amplitude and phase of the transfer function of the filter. 136076
Use pss/pac See the followings.
Simply drive DUT by Iin or Iin_plus and Iin_minus. Then measure Iout+j*Qout or (Iout_plus-Iout_minus)+j*(Qout_plus-Qout_minus). Here you should use pss/pac
I have simulated mixer gain using pss+pac and considered 8 harmonics. In direct plot form when I choose sidebands I get a list of input sidebands and output sidebands. What are input sidebands? Are they harmonics of LO due to input non-linearity? I (...)
Hi all, We have designed an RF front end receiver (Low Noise Amplifier and Passive Mixer)....Right now we r doing pss, pac, PNOISE analyses..... 1. Can we plot Conversion Gain Vs input RF frequency...? 2. Can we plot Noise Figure Vs input RF frequency..? Please give me valuable suggestions how to do those analyses......?
I'm running pss, pac-Rapid IP2 analysis on a frontend circuity. I can plot result through Direct Plot->Main Form -> pac -> Rapid IP2, and I can read result directly from the plot. However, If I want to save this result, especially for a Monte Carlo simulation, how to do it? Thanks! So attachment. How to save data on this (...)
Hi there. I'm designing a chopper amplifier. and I want to use pss and pac to acquire the voltage gain of the chopper amplifier. I have obtained some prelimilary results. But I want to know more specifically about to how to set the 'harmonic' option in the pss and (...)
I want to plot the open loop gain dB20 and phase curve of a DC/DC converter using pac analysis, but how to break the circuit and add pac source? You cannot insert a L-C filter to isolate AC signal and pass DC signal, because the pss analysis need to do transient analysis first, if you (...)
Hallo, I am currently designing a Rx on both Cadence Virtuoso and Agilent ADS, where I have two cascaded mixing stages. Usually, for a mixer CG simulation, I use pss in parallel with pac simulations to calculate the conversion gain and it works. Now I have an insisting simulation problem, where the simulator (Cadence (...)
Dear All, I am working on differential LNA and extracted parameters such as P1dB,IIP2 and IIP3,IIP5 using cadence pss and pac analysis, and i got IIP3=-15dBm,IIP5=33dBm and IIP2=-42dBm. am i getting correct results for IIP2 ? Thanks in advance.
Why are you trying to use large-signal transient response to verify the small-signal behavior of a very nonlinear system? The results are believable, but they don't seem to prove anything either. Hi mtweig, I have done a pss/pac analysis of the 2-phased and equivalent single phase (Leq=L/2) circuits. Attached is
Yes, you can use pss and pac to simulate AC response. The switch Top will turn on which resets the capacitor, now the amplifier is in unity gain feedback and the negative input of amp will get biased to Vref. So, I think there is no need for another DC bias.
to get the mixer conversion gain I've tried the single tone test and pss and evaluated the gain ... now i want to evaluate it using pss and pac using some tutorials but I've got weird results ... so do you recommend a good tutorial for this simulation
I am trying to simulate a current-mode mixer which simply consists of quad switching pairs. At first I used isource at the input. But when I want simulate the mixer's distortion performances, e.g. IIP2, IIP3.. with SpectreRF, I need to replace isource with power based PORTs. The problem is my circuit input is driven by current, and I need to fill i
In Agilent GoldenGate Simulator there is no separation between master large signal steady state analysis(e.g. pss) and slave small signal analysis(e.g. pac, PXF, Pnoise). Simply run Autonomous CR with noise analysis.
Hi all, I have a problem using nport in cadence. I tried to simulate an s-par file with rational interpolation. The pss and pac simulations work but the pnoise simulation doesn't work. I haven't any error in output log, simply the simulation doesn't proceed. Any idea? One more detail: nport with 5 ports works well (pss, (...)
Hi Guys I do not feel I understand pss and pac simulation very well. Are there some papers which explain pss and pac simulation theory in details? For me, pss is a time domain period simulation which address the large signal variation. The question (...)
hello friends I have designed the folded cascode opamp...(fully-differential)....i have added SC-CMFB circuit to Amplifier ....but i am getting problem in simulating with pss and pac analysis.. my detailed steps for the analysis are as follows... set pss simulation for clock of 2.56MHz and (...)
Dear all: The switched capacitor integrator is as following. how to test the linearity of the integrator? I am considering to do it in following way. 1) Input is a pure sin wave, the do pss+pac, then calculate the iip3 2) input is a pure sin wave, the output is a stair-case sin wave, then sample the output and do (...)
Hi, I have a circuit that basically produces pulses with a pulse width depending on a control voltage. I use spectre to simulate it. I need to simulate the variation of the pulse width w.r.t. power supply variations. My idea was (and I may be wrong here) to perform pss-pac simulation having an ac voltage at the supply. For that I created (...)