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Hi, I am trying to understand Spectre RF(pss/pac/pnoise etc.). I would like to know if there is any good tutorial for that. I have some, but I haven't understood completely yet. Thanks!
Hi all, We have designed an RF front end receiver (Low Noise Amplifier and Passive Mixer)....Right now we r doing pss, pac, pnoise analyses..... 1. Can we plot Conversion Gain Vs input RF frequency...? 2. Can we plot Noise Figure Vs input RF frequency..? Please give me valuable suggestions how to do those analyses......?
In Agilent GoldenGate Simulator there is no separation between master large signal steady state analysis(e.g. pss) and slave small signal analysis(e.g. pac, PXF, pnoise). Simply run Autonomous CR with noise analysis.
Hi all, I have a problem using nport in cadence. I tried to simulate an s-par file with rational interpolation. The pss and pac simulations work but the pnoise simulation doesn't work. I haven't any error in output log, simply the simulation doesn't proceed. Any idea? One more detail: nport with 5 ports works well (pss, (...)
I am really facing problem while doing noise simulation of Continuous TIme Integrator. I am using Spectre simulatior Which is correct method to do noise simulation ? noise in ADE or pss, pac and pnoiseThey give same result as far as small signal operation. You post completely same question in the following.
To simulate periodically time varying circuits Cadence provides pss, pnoise, pac etc. simulations. There is a pstab simulation that can be used to simulate stability of switched cap or chopper circuits. Have a look in the documentation for it.
Hi,walker56778 If you have cadence icfb and ADE,you can use SpectreRF. its pss,pnoise adn pac are very useful.
Hello, I am trying to simulate the front-end, which includes LNA, mixer, OSCILLATOR and LO buffer. Just wonder whether it is possible to get the gain, NF and IIP3 using The spectreRF manual has the example using a port/vsin for the LO, but if the port is replaced with an LC oscillator, how to set it up ? Thanks
I am designing a gilbert mixer for using in lock-in amplifier. The LO and RF freqency is same(10kHz) to generate a dc voltage to be measured, I think it is a simplest useage for a mixer, can any one tell me if I need to use pss, pac and pnoise in cadence to simulate the 1dB conversion gain, noise figure and IIP3? They are so complex and I am (...)
.tran then do fft analysis. or .pss .pac .pnoise by sepctre
Hi there, This question is repeated here, since I haven't found the specific answer in this forum yet. Can I use common ways (DC, AC, noise) to simulate OTA with SC CMFB, then later go to SC amplifier? I found I couldn't. I couldn't get the desired results. Then in this forum, I found I need to use pss and pnoise. I am a student and have no
If you're using SpectreRF (pss, pac, pnoise) - read Ken Kundert's article about SC filter simulation at There's a perfect explanaition how it works with examples (even examples' netlitst are provided) P.S. it's hard to help you without seeing your netlist.. hope Kundert's paper will help you.
Use pss & pac simulation. You can use pnoise for noise analyses. Refer to Ken Kundert's article about the simulation of SC-filters at I did not understand why you can't get input and output common mode range.