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Your simulation package (Microcap) works fine and reliable. Performing an AC analysis, no simulation package can discriminate between positive and negative feedback. That is not a bug - it is rather the correct solution. The reason is that during ac analyses, the simulator (...)
This should get you going , 3 to 5.3V , add a pot to output to set voltage accurately. It's just a sim , so you must at least build it to make sure it really works :0) Use LTSpice. Great package and free. Hope all the files you need are included in the zip. Cheers Neddie
Bikas, you mean when a switch of a node is pressed, the node's controller pin goes low and send a package to the master, right? How you test the system? I think 25cm is really a short distance for RS485 and should not have much problem on noise issue. In fact I have tried to use simple non-twisted non-shielded wires (...)
I recently migrated to linux and have been having quite a hard time finding a decent SPICE package. Most of the ones I find (eg. Oregano) are in alpha stages and have no models at all. On windows I used Electronics Workbench v10 and Multisim is a very complete package. I also used LTspice (...)
Hi. I have recently changed university, my previous university used the proteus design package (isis and ares) whereas my current university used a program that i think is called multi-sim. The reason they use this package is because it can be outputted to a CAM machine in the form of a GRB file? it may have been a gerber (...)
You can use 1ohm resistor in series with 1nH inductor and about 500fF cap in parallel with your pins for the package model. Raduga
Hi All, Anybody who can tell me how to back-annotate lumped R.L.C parasitics of IC pacakge to gate-level netlist for post-simulation? Commercial tools like Star-RCXT, Fire&Ice just recognize layout and extract RC data, then calculate into SDF delay file, but how to convert R.L.C data of IC packge into SDF delay file? Who can direct me how to tak
Sam card stands for Secure Authentication Module and is just a smart card in a small package the same a a sim card in a mobile phone. A normal smart card will be too big to fit into that reader.
i think MMsim62 is part of the IC610 package
Depends if you want simulation as well as just drafting the schematic and layout the PCB. If You want to Design>sim>Layout then i would suggest Proteus or Electronics workbench. If your chosen package does not have the library part you need, then it should not be too hard to create it. But the (...)
I had the same problem, I have resolve installing LDV package and set a correct PATH name in bin directory of LDV...
Hi Moises_I, are you fixed to F876?? As example take a F737 in the QFN package, use on-chip oszillator or small 32kHz crystal. When it fit also in your size. Greetings...
How can I simulation circuit with Xilinx Foundation 4.1? (there isn't any package) I remember that in Fondation 2.1 it exists... How can I do ? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks