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Hello! Did anyone use QFN package design kit, that is included in ADS? Also there are package design kits from Amkor and
MC11 is micro-cap 11, yes the positive feedback will make the OPA be saturated. thx for your input. - - - Updated - - - Your simulation package (Microcap) works fine and reliable. Performing an AC analysis, no simulation package can discriminate between positive and negative feedback. Th
Is there any simulation software or simulation package of BISS0001 where i can simulate smd BISS0001 related circuit.
you might use even smaller resistor package like 0603 or even 0402.
hi every one I try to run verilog-Xl from virtuoso but that massage appears simulation OPTION WARNING: Invalid verilog executable verilog Please check existance and/or permissions and try again. Relative pathnames are relative to run directly. I googled it and I found I need to install ldv package but I aleardy have mmsim installed in mach
Dear experts Possibly some of you have simulated a lot of pcb or package with full-wave electromagnetic solvers, such as HFSS. But there is a question from me. In most cases, I would like to take the VSS (ground plane) as the reference for signals. This is easy to deal with if the signals are between two ground planes (stripline) or on the t
A squarewave inverter is a simple piece of garbage. Most cheap inverters have a modified sinewave (actually a modified squarewave) output. I found a brand new inverter thrown away still in its unopened package. I took it to the store for a refund and was given only $9.99 because it has a squarewave output which will not power many modern products.
I am designing 70 bit carry look ahead adder in xillinx using ISIM SIMULATOR 14.5 on spartan 6 with device xc6slx45 and package csg324 .when i simulated it ,i got a fatal error same as below:- FATAL_ERROR:Simulator:Fuse.cpp:217:1.95 - Failed to compile one of the generated C code. Please recompile with -mt off -v 1 swi
hi friends i have a problem with packages in proteus 8 . I'm working in project with ADS1210P but i can't find any solution in simulation?? :bang: :bang: :bang: PLZ if you can help me how add lib of ADS1210 to Proteus and thanks :-D :-D
Unfortunately report does not work so well. You might create a package like following : use std.textio.all ; package TextUtil is procedure Print(s : string) ; end package TextUtil ; package body TextUtil is procedure Print(s : string) is variable buf : line ; begin write(buf, s) ; (...)
Sorry Marc - I borrowed your crystal ball the batteries so I could get mine to work :) Nesan, I think your only option is to export your antenna as DXF and import it into a PCB program that can import it and then recreate it in that pcb package. Lite versions do not generally enable you to transfer between themselves and other packages - you usual
How to add, subtract and multiply floating point complex numbers???? i m workin on sphere decoder and have to use complex no. ....... Somebody has probably already created such a package, I would suggest using Google to try to find it rather than re-inventing it. But if you want to create it from s
Hello everyone. I have a digital to analog convertor DAC0800 that requires parallel input bits.. In the data sheet, according to my package, it shows me the following circuitry to get it working.. 105642 The following is my system, where i have connected it in exact same manner as data sheet says will all voltages corre
Yes.. LSSP ( Large Signal S Parameters ) simulation is available in Cadence MMSIM package. Or you may also do a PSS analysis by connecting a current probe at the input and then you can find Large Signal Input Impedance by using calculator ( as usual V/I). Essentially Zin=V/I ( V and I complex quantities ).
hello my friends I m trying to use TDA7850 in my design on proteus ares and isis , can you help me find a library for this component ? for simulation and pcb package !! I need this ASAP for a work i have to return ! thank you for helping me take care guys :D
Hi, there: First of all, I would like to say thanks for any help. I just started coding in VHDL and created FSM, but when I tried to start the simulation, there was the error: Error: (vsim-3174) package 'H:/VHDL/project1/work.config_pack' requires a body. which really confused me, maybe any of you may help me out? the following will be
Both 10158 in my library says "No simulation model". Unless you are able to write your own simulation file base on the datasheet of 10158. The package on proteus is only good for drawing schematics. You can try download LTSpice which is free and try yahoo group on LTSpice to see if the chips you wanted is available there. (...)
Hi, To simulate the whole chip, which level of the IO load capacitance would be reasonable. Suppose the package type is CPGA. And how about the pcb capacitance, as I calculated since the thickness of the copper on PCB is very thin, the capacitance is only 0.04pF per centimeter. any idea? Thank you.
Hello fellow Emag bandits :-) I am using an EM simulation software package called is an 3D FEM package and is an add on to the SolidWorks CAD software. When doing a simulation of,for example,a coax fed half wave dipole,the model requires that a SIGNAL boundary condition be applied to some part of the model whenever the (...)
Guys.. Consider "Nuhertz Filter Design" package to design your almost all kind of filters. Regarding to my experiences, this software supplies very good agreement between EM simulation and measurements. Filter designers should think about that..