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Hello Everybody, if FPGA (UDP with static ARP) is connected with LAN cable to PC, is there still any possibility of packet loss/packet exchange in transmission/reception? if yes, then how much percentage of loss we can except? I would like to be sure because UDP theory say, there might be packet (...)
(1)What is packet loss. (2)What phenomena of a network does it represent? (3)How do you find out the packet loss? (4) What if the packet has arrived but the ACK is lost on the way back. (5) How is this handled in usual communication protocols. (6)Who measures the packet (...)
Hi, I have a problem in ATM, please help me mention the instruments/tools/equipments/devices for measuring packet losses in asynchronous transfer mode networks. If possible also help me with project/thesis on packet loss reduction in ATM using stochastic activity networks.
Hi everyone, I am using 2 sfp+(10G) in my board. For testing it in 10G mode I have connect these two sfp+ port with 2 xfp port on tester side. One port is working fine in terms of tx and rx throughput (i.e. transmit and receive throughput is same) But in other channel(sfp+) iI am getting very low receive throughput (i.e very high packet loss
There's an open source code called "iperf" that is not quite the same as BER, but it does allow you to measure network bandwidth and packet loss.
hello friends I need to generate voip traffic and then introduce some packet loss into it. any ideas? where to start?
Bit error rate (BER), Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) should pretty much cover that globally. Then there are the specifics like Eb/No, Symbol error rate, the channel level Network Level: packet loss, miss rate.... Essentially depends on your application and then you can decide on a suitable parameter. e.g. in cell phones you will use call dro
Hi All, I am doing masters in Networking and data communications and doing my dissertation on radio resource management in LTE with emphasis on handover control. I am trying to identify the best simulator i can use. I would like to check for packet loss, packet delays, throughtput and identify the QoS gains with handover control. I am (...)
The handoff latency is the primary cause of packet loss in a network.. WiMax Networks & Cognitive Radio Research Group Webpage
Good luck with the range. Also if you are transmitting continuous packets back and forth you will notice packat loss using Zigbee from digi. Zigbee from Tarang has another issue. If you are sending packets more than 32 bytes, some byte are lost from the packet. So be careful using both of them.
Hello everyone, I am quit new in this topic. What can OPNET / NS-2 do in terms of simulation? By instance, can it compute the packet detection probability? The probability to detect neighbour vehicles? The packet loss probability? Please, provide me with some example. Thanks in advance, Lupin
hi Can anyone help me? I am working on VoIP project. I need some help. PLease help me how to make packets from the encoded speech with voice codec G729 And how to use Markov model for loss simualtion
Hi all, Can any one suggest me the latest research topics in packet loss concealment algorithms in Voip
I am involved in a project ,that I should connect multiple nodes to a master dsp processor to communicate data between them in a very harsh noisy environment (A brushed DC motor with 200V 1000A), first I decided to use Rs485 but I think in such a noisy environment the packet loss will be too high , so i prefer to use fiber optic to communicat
plz gave me the source code of the below problem in MATLAB or any other language Write a simulation program for GBN ARQ using MATLAB(preferably).The window size (N) is 10and assume that there are 100packets in transport layer that are to be sent as per GBN policy.Let P be the probability that determines the loss of packet.If P>0.9 th
Hi, I have two PCs connected to a modem. Assuming that one is continuosly sending packets in a constant data rate,I want to monitor the data rate using the second system. To implement this what should I know?. Please help...............
Hi, Guys: Does anyone has experience on Chipcon CC2400 chip? We copied CC2400 reference design precisely and tried to transmit data at 1Mbps but got packet loss of 1%-5% even at 1 meter. Our packet size is 10 bytes and RF output power is 1mW. Does anyone know why the packet loss rate is so high with (...)
Dear all I am working on performance monitoring of different codec due to packet loss and delay, Does anybody have any table or relation between packet loss and delay and the voice qauality for G711, G723 ,G729 or any other voice codec Any help is appreciated, Thanks a lot,