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This LED lamp driver was based on Atmega128 and it uses graphical display with the touch pad. Program was written in Bascom and occupies 45%, the half of which consists of graphics and animations. There are six in
Dear all, my laptop touchpad doesn't seems to work in linux mode while it is working in win7 mode.I think i need to install driver for the same.but how should i go for it? plz help. Regards, rc
Hi there Kindly anybody share me sample code for PIC with LCD and 3X4 key pad interfacing i am using CCS C compiler ............
use primetime to analyze timing when annotate with spef ,some IO pad won't be annotated anyone can tell me why IO pad won't be annotated ? and it is right ? if have timing analyze?
what are the typical capacitance for output pad, off chip connection wire and input of the oscilloscope? I am quite new to IC fabrication and unsure about how many times larger I should size the output buffer, compared to the minimum sized transistor. BTW, I am using STM65nm
Hi, Can any one tell me the significance of Ioh and Iol current in an IO pad? Is it a way of specifying the o/p resistance of the driver? Thank you in advance....:-)
Any commercial IC shall have ESD protection at the every IO pad. ESD structure influence on circuits performance of course, and it should be taken into account during design, especially at high frequency applications. Influence of ESD structure can be minimized by proper choice of ESD sizes and type. For high frequency cases diode (...)
put a pad between driver and final amp. This will cause EVM to normal and lead P1dB to original. Note that P1dB is not main trade factor then EVM.
The structure there is and IO pad - so it is not only input or output. For input protection the primary and secondary diodes with Rin are used. For output in genral the primary diodes are ok. The Rs resistor I believe is very small. and pretty much will protect the output driver against extra current (...)
Considering the general purpose driver, it would have a input block, level shifter, predriver and then the output stage (which drives the pad pin). A input receiver would have input stage, hystersis block, level shifter and an ouput block.. Apart from these, there would be some ESD structures for (...)
Your text is confusing: Hz is frequency. High impedance is not HZ. High impedance is called High Z sometimes. What do you mean when you say "pad"? Sometimes a pad is an attenuator and it should be called an attenuator, not called a pad. You ask about connecting pads but don't say if they are in (...)
To be very accurate you will have to include the package parasitise, series inductor and shunt capacitor on all pins. The PC pad is so short that it is a negligible bump in the transmission line impedance.
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io pad generally used in digital circuits which consists of many driver circuits and some hystersis circuits too. but bonding pad has only the metal patches. regards
Hi all What are the important things we have to keep in mind while designing the driver circuit for an I/O pad.Rather how we will come up with the W/L for the pmos and nmos in the driver. Sajin
Equations is far from reality especially for 0.25u. Turn sizes of the inverter MOSFETs for trip point in the middle of Vil and Vih and for desired delays. Than to get Vol and Vih turn sizes of MOSFETs in positive feeback. Their are turned independently so it's easy to make. If ur schmitt isn't driven from the pad or any (...)
(1) For those pads have a big NMOS (for example: driver or switch) connected between the pad and ground, they don't need additional first-stage ESD protection. However, special attention is still needed for big NMOS to follow ESD rule. The reason is this big NMOS can function as ESD device. (2) Generally, it is not (...)
Hi guyz, We have seen coupling effect takes place everywhere in a fast switching single ended buffer circuit. Any material about how to counter the coupling effect? I am currently designing a buffer. How do we actually optimize for the coupling effect between bias generator and the pad seen by the driver's circuit? How do we design the (...)
Hi, I thought it is always possible to put circuit under the bumps? The more complicated flip-chip has the pad driver inside the core also. In this case, it is obvious that the area is taken up by the pad and not core logic or macro can be placed there. Regards, Eng Han