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I am using pad power with standard dimension as input signal. A power pad always includes a strong esd protection, so you should calculate with the a.m. figures. 130nm pad libs state a max. pad input capacitance of 10pF - even for pure input pads (with (...)
IO pads could drive more capacitance. 1) I don't understand, you should simulated the RTL with IO pads. 2) ? dont understand your txt
Agree with mikersia. All pads need esd protection except ground pad(more exactly: reference pad).
i agree with DZC the pad is just a wide metal to connect the bond wire the esd circuit is a circuit added just after the pad to protect the circuit form the esd failure , both should be optimized for RF applications , coz th esd is mainly a diodes which will add some capacitance to (...)
the RF pad should be modeled very accuratly , coz it present a very high capacitance , so ur kit should have the models of the pads , also the esd should be optmized khouly
I think 3GHZ is diffect in 130nm, we use 1.5Ghz pads design by IBM it working well , and someother company 1.5Ghz pads has some question.
it depond on the structre of the pad. connect to the foundry.