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I am using pad power with standard dimension as input signal. A power pad always includes a strong esd protection, so you should calculate with the a.m. figures. 130nm pad libs state a max. pad input capacitance of 10pF - even for pure input pads (with (...)
hello every one... thanks in advance my ques : 1) why we use IO pads when we go for chip designing from RTL to LAyOUT level ... 2) why we use give single inputs to io pads & taking single output from IO pads.
The task is to protect the internal circuit, in my case, the rectifer, from esd events. Our professor talks about protecting the supply pad rather than the signal pad. This makes me confused, how can you differentiate the two? I've read several papers regarding Vdd-Vss esd protection, does this pertain to the supply (...)
i agree with DZC the pad is just a wide metal to connect the bond wire the esd circuit is a circuit added just after the pad to protect the circuit form the esd failure , both should be optimized for RF applications , coz th esd is mainly a diodes which will add some capacitance to (...)
hello, what is the difference between an RF pad and an analog pad? and does it easy to design an RF pad? thanx n advance mohamedabouzied
I think 3GHZ is diffect in 130nm, we use 1.5Ghz pads design by IBM it working well , and someother company 1.5Ghz pads has some question.
it depond on the structre of the pad. connect to the foundry.