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hi, Vero board is also known as copper strip board, ie: the hole pads on Rows are linked by the copper strip. Dot boards are only copper pads, which are not linked by copper track. You can cut Vero board, use a junior hacksaw and cut along the holes, after cutting, file off any copper whiskers on the (...)
Does anyone know of any PCB bare board cutaway view builders? I would like to create a powerpoint presentation when ever we get new tecnnology or I need to give build training to my designers. Preferably a tool that has a previously created library of cutaway views of features (microvias, PTH,NPTH holes, pads, pad stacks, prepregs, (...)
There is a rule about the pad as below: Max pad opening space to nearest S/L guard ring =xx Min pad opening space to nearest S/L guard ring =yy 1. what is the S/L mean for? I added a guardring by G short cut command around the GSSG pads. The distance is less than yy but DRC is passed... 2. Do we need to add guardring around (...)
hi, i dont know whether this answers your question insertPad "VDD" "m1pad" "vdd1" "PAD" insertPad "GND" "m1pad" "gnd1" "PAD" Using these pad insertion directives, the Synopsys application adds two pads to the design: vdd1 An instance, of the pad cell master m1pad, connected to the VDD net through its pin named PAD. gnd
dear all can anybody tell me how to cut PCB between two pads for clearence..e.g i would like cut between MOSFET drain and source pin to maintain clearance..i am not able to do this... plz help me. darla
If you have sensitive I/O pad for internal analog circuit, you may need to cut the I/O ring into 2 sections. One is for digital I/O and PWR/GND pads, the other is for analog I/O and PWR/GND pads. Each section with their own vdd1, vdd2, vss1, vss2,.... The reason for this is to prevent digital noise coupling from the digital I/O rail into (...)
Hi, What you say is correct. If you use power cut cell, usually the VDD are connected by several reverse biased diode. You do this to help ESD of the analog pad. Another way is to physically separate the pads. In this way, the gnd and vdd are cut. You need to use the correct pad types in different style. Refer to the analog pad (...)