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Hi I have over 20 years of experience in PCB design using pads. I also have over 20 years experience using ORCAD for schematic capture. I can handle any job small or big, single layer or multilayer, SMT or thur hole, BGA. fine pitch, differential pairs are not a problem. Please let me know if any one interested. Regards VRK
Hi, everyone. I need a help! At first, how can I generate a netlist using Orcad capture in order to use the generated netlist file at pads 2005? And one more things I want to know is that how can I read the generated netlist file using pads 2005?
Is there any possibility to add new connection (net) in expedition pcb layout? (like pads) but i dont want to add a connection in design view/capture and then to forward annotate, i want to add a connection in layout and then to back annotate. Thanks.
I've noticed that OrCAD capture with pads layout is a fairly popular combination. Another one is the Altium package. My experience is based on what people use in Silicon Valley.
Hi All, I want a part time job to do pcb layout, anyone who need the layout service, pls feel free sent email to me. I will reply you on time. I am good at pcb layout, and have almost 6 years experience. The tools I am using for layout are: Schematic: Orcad capture, Powerlogic, Dxdesign Layout: Orcad layout, Allegro, pads-PCB, (...)
I use pads at work and I am happy with it. What I like about it is the way it handles part attributes and the flexibility it gives the user to perform a certain operation. Basically there are almost always three ways to do the same thing, so you will get there one way or another. Plus, all components and footprints seem to get embedded in the sch
Does anyone know how I could get my hands on a list of companies in the Silicon Valley area of California, USA, that use the pads Power Logic and pads Power PCB for their PCB design software? I'm a PCB designer/Engineering technician and job hunting in the area... Thanks Mike
SpectraQuest is a Cadence tool, I don't think you have the option to use it for post layout - if you did use it for prelayout, I'm not sure that Navigator would translate all the constraints tp pads, you might be stuck with Hyperlynx - not a bad tool, but not as powerfull as SpectraQuest. SiGiNT
How to create another part in Library Manager for design capture, just like pads or protel?(for example. I want to create 74HC14 and this component content 6 parts.) My email :
Hi, there, I'm trying to use design capture and Expedition PCB from Mentor Graphics in my design. However, I encoutered this library problem, as I do not feel comfortable to create every sympol and parts myself. I've converted the pads PowerPCB/Layout library to Expedition PCB. It works fine. But I can only convert (...)
For simulation I would prefer Orcad, for Schematic and PCB I would prefer P*rotel. Especially, I found Orcad capture quite annoying. Take a look at other tools also, like P-CAD and pads.