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Hi everyone, I have some doubt in pads 2005 .i could not connect the Net as i show in Schematic in JPEG as well as Layout also i posted.please help any one how to connect the new net with Pad in resistor .please try this layout Schematic file i need like this [url
How can I add a Decal for screw to pads Layout design without having it in the schematic?? I have already created non-electrical part decal for one screw. But do not know how to add it to my design... Thanks in advance!
Hi friends, Please help me:???: How to convert a 2D line to copper trace in pads Layout? Is it possible? Regards, -Goku-
Hi, In pads PCB there is an option under TOOLS called eco compare. This will compare the existing pads PCB (.pcb file) netlist and Orcad Schematics/ Schematics netlist. You will need to specify the path to Orcad schematics/ netlist. Ths does a very accurate job. Hope this helps.
How do I specify a pin on a PCB footrint as being non-electrical? I have a schematic that shows a particular part with two pins. The corresponding PWB footprint has 3 pins, but one of them is a nonplated hole which accepts an alignment peg on the part. When I import a netlist into the layout there are no errors reported due to pincount diff
Hi, If you add them at physical design step, then you'll modify the front end netlist, and it will be like an eco. Then you will not be able to do formality between previous front end netlist (reference netlist) and post layout one. Furthermore you'll need to write/modify new constraints for these signal pads. What I see in our designs is
Hi All, I have to replace a component in PCB to othar that have less pins than original part. But, if I try EDIT DECAL, im blocked, warned about difference between pinout. By other way, if I remove component, the routed tracks ( more than 120 ) are unrouted. How can I turn around ? Thanks in advance ! +++
Hi All, When I compare both the sch and layout I have an error which says buffer overrun detected.And I couldn't able to compare and update the eco's file into layout.Please let me know how to solve this problem.Here I attached the error message also for ur reference. Regards, Monolisa.
;) pads 2007.2 is out did u test that?
hi do you know how can set net label in pad logic and i eco my schematic to layout design but unlike other software such as protel or altium designer it doesn't place the name of the terminal or pad and it's net i cannot find how to show this in layout can you help me thank
Is there any way to bring traces alone in pads 2005 sp2 through ascii or eco file from autocad?
Hi all, We are using pads2007 there any option to place components thru eco format without placing.there is an option given in the pads help but it doesn't work.anyone tell me an option to place the components in eco format.