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After laying out a 12-layer pcb using free track obstacles to make connections to pads, the post processor in Orcad Layout 9.0 is not getting a specific aperture on one of the layers. The other layers are OK. It is messing up my gerber files. How can I correct this?
I am using Mentor Graphics pads VX vesion.
I don't believe there's any way to go from a gerber file back to a proprietary format, whether it's Eagle, pads, or anything else. You can, however, translate gerbers to DXF, and then maybe import the DXF into your program.
Have a look at arbitrary PCB boards in your reach. I'm sure you'll find on most boards solder mask openings that aren't printed with solder paste, e.g. all through plated pins. Secondly, solder mask and paste pads undergo different size modifications according to technology requirements.
hi to all can any one tell me how to make the schematic from gerber and at the same time from gerber to layout.Any layout file like cadstar, pads, altium, allegro16.3 i was having the geber files generated soory for my poor english
Have you done a drill drawing to let the manufacturer know what size holes on what pads you want? Edit: Why so many drill files? Surely you only need 2, 1 for plated and one for non plated.
Does the dxf file contain explicite pads or drill positions.? Than it's easy. Otherwise you have to extract pads from the artwork data or insert drill positions manually.
as far as i know it is not possible. format you can import are: pcad orcad pads cadstar cadence mentor gerber files. Cheers
What you got is gerber files and it means not intelligent data. If you have access to CAM350 there is a time consuming back ward engineering process to make gerbers into intelligent data using CAM350, which can be exported to pads. M
if you use all pads and vias on the bottom layer then you can print your pcb with holes in print preview.i am using this tech in protel 99se.
gerber them, then I think you can import gerbers into pads? Other than that I think it just needs doing again.
Hi all, Could you me the detailed procedure of how to convert the gerber files(cam 350)to pads datbase file by reverse engineering.
Hi all, Could you send me the detailed procedure of how to convert the gerber files(cam 350)to pads datbase file by reverse engineering
Hi, Its very easy to add a mounting holes. Firstly create the mounting hole as part in the decal editor, like you do to create through hole resistor pads.Then save the part as Mounting hole in the library,now u can add that part directly into the design file,remember mounting holes is a part here in pads. Regarding the gerber (...)
Allegro PCB cannot be translated directly to any other format. If you have the gerber files, you could reverse engineer the board using CAM350 or other CAM tools, then translate to pads. If you have access to Allegro, there is a utility for saving the data in ASCII format, from there you can use a tool from RSI called CAMCAD. CAMCAD can (...)
help i dont know how to convert *.pho files (output gerber files from pads) to *.gbr files. whether it can be done in cam 350, because i am using cam 350. if not is there any other tool. thanx in advance
Hi, What is meant by IPC356 netlist?. For what purpose is it generated? For pads PowerPCB version 3.0 which IPC netlist should we use? Thanks in advance. Regards, Devi
Hello! I want to build my own milling machine. I discovered that gerber files describes the lines and pads their thicknes and size etc. used by the device called photoplot. But the milling machine have to mill all around the line to mill out the line in "pool" of copper. That proces is called "insulation engraving". Do you know any (...)
hi, How can I print pads or gerber files to show through hole pads in donut form? I mean that I want to have the drill hole left unprint so that it'll look like a white disk in black donut pad. I want to have some single size PCB made by my local shop and they need that holes for their manual process visualization. I (...)