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I occasionally need to import RF designs made in NI/AWR Microwave Office to Mentor Graphics pads. I can export a dxf file easily enough in Microwave Office. pads generally won't read these files, but I can use AutoCAD or SolidWorks as a middle man and pads will import those (...)
Hi everyone, Please help any one to solve this problem in pads 2005. i could not import the dxf in mm format ??
I don't believe there's any way to go from a Gerber file back to a proprietary format, whether it's Eagle, pads, or anything else. You can, however, translate gerbers to dxf, and then maybe import the dxf into your program.
which dxf file format will work to import dxf in pads layout 9.2. detail format of dxf. please help...
Hi all: How can I create a irregular component footprint using pads2005? As the attached picture shown. for the rubber key, how to create its footprint? Thank you, David Wuf ---------- Post added at 10:46 ---------- Previous post was at 10:42 ---------- Add image link: [url=images.elektroda.n
i have a layout design on ads .. i exported it to dxf format.. i used many pcb software ( proteus , pads , cam350) to import the dxf file but it doesn't work ?! :S anyone can help me ?
If it's Gerber format you can import that into a PCB, then copy and paste into a footprint. Gerber is troublesome since the artwork is comprised of thousands of elements instead of a few polygons. dxf usually does not work since the polygons do not come in filled. If you can export in pads PCB format (like Microwave Office does) then (...)
If anyone of you have tutorails for expedition kindly upload it. i am new to this tool and need to understand the design flow i have used pads earlier. thanks
Hello friends, Currently I am working on a project in which there are two PCBs one motherboard & another PowerSupply Borad which will be on motherboard with 7 mm Height difference. To get exact position of board to board connector i've generated dxf file for psu board but when i import it to motherboard file i am not getting it in some ano
jstiger 1.rst you have to convert the dxf files to gerber using cam350. 2.generate the nc file manually if not avalible. 3. map the layer stackup 4convert draw in flash. 5 create the parts and name the pads you can see in teh tools. (cam350) 6.extract the netlist. 7.Export to cad formate. you have a few format avalible while export. se