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After laying out a 12-layer pcb using free track obstacles to make connections to pads, the post processor in orcad Layout 9.0 is not getting a specific aperture on one of the layers. The other layers are OK. It is messing up my gerber files. How can I correct this?
I don't believe there's any way to go from a gerber file back to a proprietary format, whether it's Eagle, pads, or anything else. You can, however, translate gerbers to DXF, and then maybe import the DXF into your program.
Dear All, I already used KiCAD PCB design tool my simple PCB Projects. Now I started to learn orcad. I have successfully designed simple Schematic and PCB Artfile (gerber). But, I need some help making my PCB file successful. When I make component gerber (.art) file, all "SMD pads" shown as unfilled rectangle. In PCB (...)
I'm circuit designer and know well about PCB design concepts but the actual PCB routing was done by others. Now I want to create PCB my self (no fabrication just layout till get the gerber file). many tolls are there orcad, pads, Protel ...etc. I need your advice what is the suitable one to start with put into consideration that I need to (...)
it is really very difficult to do,called as reverse engineering. i dont have idea about board station but in other pcb tools allegro/orcad/pads/cadstar it is not possible. there are some tools in market probably CAM cad professional,u can try that.
Hey guys, I'm working on some prototype PCB that I will manufacture in house. This is my first project with Cadence, and I haven't been fortunate enough to have the training yet. Using FPM to create footprints is really nice, but it would suit hand drilling better if the pads were hollow instead of solid filled. The Cadence help implies tha
as far as i know it is not possible. format you can import are: pcad orcad pads cadstar cadence mentor gerber files. Cheers
From within Layout, choose the Post Processing toolbar button. From the menu that displays, choose Setup Batch and enable Extended gerber output for your layers. If you are hand-drilling the board, select the Keep Drill Holes Open option to leave an opening in the center of your pads as a drill target. Run batch post processing (choose the Post Pro
Altium Designer can import orcad PCB (.MAX), pads ASCII PCB (.ASC), and PCAD PCB (.PCB). If you can get your design into one of those formats, you can do a direct import. An alternative would be to output gerber, drill, and IPC-D-356A from Eagle. You could then reverse engineer the board into Altium Designer from the CAMTASTIC Editor. (...)
Hi, I want to increase the diameter of all pads in my design, How can i do it using the gerber tool (Come with orcad Layout) ? SphinX
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