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... If all the nodes are zero, it will never startup Surely it will: When VDD is switched on (even if it rises slowly), C initially provides the necessary startUp current. The limiting R isn't necessary, IMHO, because the pmos limits the current anyway. Could you explain it in detail? Why C provides
I would like to suggest a small extension to paloalto's post. You can use an OTA with a pass transistor at the output and tap the reference at its source so it will be low impedance.
Thanks paloalto... Thanks erikl...
What paloalto describes makes sense to me. The best way known to designers to increase the slew-rate of the opamp is to decrease the input-stage transconductance. Once can do that by emitter-degeneration or just by throwing away some current (as shown in the first schematic) or by using devices with poor gm. That is why you see fet input devices ha
Dear paloalto: The attached file is my reference, I will use bandgap and unit gain buf to set CM. The BW of opa is smaller than 600MHz. (I will reference the database of opa). I have questions,too. ==>Do you mean I needs to combine CM circuit and the driver circuit to analysis BW? ==> when
as paloalto mentioned - use current mirrors. You can have multiple current mirrors with different ratios and select them by external digital signal.
hello, paloalto i want to make sum of 320 infrared singals, then averege them, at last, take 60 percent of the average signal. each infrared singal is 300nA. thanks again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join them all into one single line Use current mirrors to scale by 0.
When there is risk of having latch-up. Normally in output transistors then whether the double guard-ring has better noise isolate, only weakness is wasting area?
Hi paloalto, Thanks.. Can you pl explain more, how can I load calibre DRC rule file in assura batch mode. Do I need to convert calibre DRc rules into Assura syntax or Assura can understand the file as it is? Thanks in advance... regards, Sunny