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Hi, Basic idea of chopping is upconverting signal to the odd harmonics of chopping frequency. However, due to the fi nite bandwidth of the ampli er, some unwanted spurs emerge at even harmonics of the chopper frequency. You should filter them out. One good referance paper about noise suppression of these circuits is the Enz's famous paper which is
Hi, I tried to build a verilogA VCO phase-domain model by referring to Ken Kunder's paper. Then I have no idea how to start with, thus I set up a simple testbench as below image shown. I chose "noise" analysis and run. Spectre then showed error indicating "Matrix is singular (detected at 'I0:idt0'). When I tried to remove below codes and re-
hi i want to assign wave ports to two sides of slot line to microstripline transiotion. but i got an error msg every time that port is assigned to an internal face which is only allowable to lumped port.what does this error mean and how can i remove this error.i am attaching the paper from which i am trying to made that balun plz guide me.......
I wish to know few details about ferric chloride. 1. Ferric chloride alone (not used), can be disposed in our soil , no harms? 2. I have few newspaper pieces stained with Ferric chloride (may have copper because used for etching), is it safe to burn this paper ? 3. After etching I remove the solution from 1st container to second (...)
My suggestion. Take a Veroboard with maximum size available and solder the Round Pin bases adjacent to each other as much as is possible for the board size. Now fix the ICs in all the bases and with the Water Sand paper kept on a GLASS sheet (to keep even surface for grinding). You can rub off many ICs just in one pass. Just a suggestion, modificat
I need a manual for an hp laserjet 6l . I need to disassenmle it to remove a paper jam.
Hi, Yes, its a way to remove the toner particles(their are molded into the paper!): recycling the papers :-(... With ink its others, usual their are to wish it from paper, but your paper surface from "waters humidity" will be no more qualitative good for printing... Toner & ink are basically two different (...)
I am a bit confused about part of the method of detection suggested in the V-Blast MIMO paper from Bell Labs in 1998 On page two and three they describe the detection, and they say the best method is to remove each detected symbol from the received signal, and repeat till you ha
Thanks Bigboss for your comments Maybe because of charging the Cgd, Cgs, the circuit consumes power! However, I think, this configuration is a simple one and it uses the inductor instate of a current bias circuit. I found it in a lot of IEEE Journal-papers The simulation in both well-known Tools are Good. if I don't trust them, how can I d
In the phd paper of Thomas cho's ADC, page 100. He said large error correction range can eliminate the dedicated input S/H circuit. And the input signal can be sampled simutaneously by switched capacitor amp and dynamic comparatorof flash A/D. How to understand this? Then he give a input band limite range for input. Two quesitons
I have no paper, but I think you can do it yourself because it is not difficult to design this kind of power divider by using inductive post or inductive window to remove the reflection.
I thinkd you should scrub it with a steel wool or sand paper perhaps
Yes, don't adjust the pads at all. Instead, for home use, do a mirrored drill drawing. If you do a drill drawing that is mirrored so that you can stick it over the copper you have etched (use spray glue) you can then drill exactly the centres and then remove the drawing/paper & clean the board off. Print the drawing, spray the rear of the
Hello Everyone; What is the tracking filter? What are applications of it? Please explain. Please introduce me any paper/ebook/article/...
Hello, Can somebody provide information of time domain antenna raddiation pattern measurements?. I do not mean time gating to remove particular reflection directions, but complete radiation pattern measurements in the time domain. I have just got a paper on the topic and it seems very interesting. thanks
hi, i am uploading a paper on deblocking filter as used in mpeg4-10.Generally blocking artefacts come due to block based motion compensation to remove them one uses deblocking filters. when sharp cutoff filters are used ringing occurs to prevent this filters are chosen which have smooth rolloff.