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Consider two structures in cascade 99075 I wil name the combined structure as C. I have the s-parameters for the structure A and for the overall structure C. I want to extract the s-param for the structure B. i need to use matlab for the purpose. The technique i have chosen is to convert S-param to transmission pa
In SP Analysis (Choose Analysis), click on options. In OUTPUT paramETERS section, enter your file name (say param.s2p). Select datafmt to be touchstone (i.e. SnP) Run the simulation and you can use the file in ADS or any other simulator.
It is my first time use TSMC 0.18um RF model, I want to run hspice simluation. However I put the model name "nmos_rf" after mos in the netlist. ************************************** .SUBCKT nmos_rf D G S B lr=18.E-08 nr=64 wr=1.5E-6 .param Lspace=0.54u .param Ledge=2.6u .param Ledgeeff=0.97u .param (...)
hi everybody, is there someone kind to tell the substrate resistivity( of tsmcrf 0.13? I want to take a EM simulation with momentum but i cannot find the param in tsmc docs. Many thanks~
Just a guess as I have never tried it but can you add it as a parameter? You may have to add the "parameter" component from the "Special" library if I remember right.