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Hi, How to calculate Jitter peaking and 3db bandwidth(in simulation) of PLL across PVT in cadence spectre. Thanks satya
See You can see a defintion of NF(k) in Keysight ADSsim and GoldenGate. If you use more than three ports, e.g, port1=RF, port2=IF, port3=LO, NF(2) is different from NF of cadence Spectre. Here you have to use resistor + vsin instead of port3=LO.
Hi I'm not entirely sure if this should belong in this subforum or one related more to circuit simulation, but here goes. I simulated a structure in HFSS and was able to export an equivalent *.s4p file so that I could use it in cadence Virtuoso. However, when I run port analysis in cadence, the resulting s-parameter (...)
Hi everyone, For an LNA design, the inductors used in the design were simulated in a simulation software separate from the spectre simulator used in cadence for the other components (transistors, resistors, capacitors). So we created a n-port file for the inductors in the design and made it point to the S-parameter file generated by the (...)
Hello, Im using cadence 6.1.3 and Id like to do monte carlo simulation. I found out that "m" shouldnt be used in schematic or monte carlo might be errorous. source: So I decided to test it: testbench results
By extracted the channel to S parameter to simulate, but in cadence the simulation time is huge due to the large s parameter file. Anyone knows some idea that we can convert the s parameter to the lumped RCL circuit to run the simulation? In order words, if we know a frequency (...)
Probably by saving your session as an Ocean script and then editing that to add an inner parameter loop. From the menu interface, it's an either/or type choice.
The s-parameters being a small signal analysis can be easily calculated using any spice by means of AC analysis. The question is - the mos model you are using for LNA simulation is valid for RF range ? You can refer the application note to know how to calculate s-parameter using pspice -
hi thank u edaboard members for helping me a lot... i m simulating gilbert mixer for finding its input impedance i tried it using s-parameter in cadence but the test bench i used have a balun at RF port so while measuring Z11, i think it gives input impedance at single ended input of balun but i want to measure input impedance at mixer input
Hi, I've been assigned to design a non conventional FET (FINFET,Quadfet etc.) in silvaco and then somehow extract and feed the generated device parameters into cadence for making a single stage amplifier. I wanted to ask if it is possible?? and if yes then how it could be done?? Thank you very much in advance:)
The source which you have used is wrong.It's a AC source and cannot be used in s-parameter simulations. You have to use "psin" or "port" element instead of it.These components have internal source impedance ( e.g. 50 Ohm by default) and you should define this component in s-parameter simulation setup ( if you do 1-Port (...)
You would like to redefine a parameter which is already defined in your model file or PDK. You add this parameter to 'Design Variables' pane in Analog Design Environment window. When you run the simulation, you get an error message similar to the one above. Does Spectre allow duplicate parameter redefinition? Spectre (...)
hai to all, can we tune the parameters of LNA in cadence spectre like we doing in ADS???
Hi, does NCsim provide some kind of simulation switch/parameter to initialize all the unresetable flip flops of the design, instead of leaving them undefined (or X)? Regards, Giorgos
can anyone help me,please!!!!when use the spectre to simulate the SP parameter,after i finished the simulation,and wanna produce the plot,the plot cannot be openned,and the error like this: Loading paraplot.cxt simulate... Loading viva.cxt INFO (ADE-3071): simulation completed successfully. reading simulation data... (...)
inductor s-parameter simulation in cadence While setting the parameter of the inductor, it says "Inductance:1nH Resistance: 670m ohm Capacitance: 240fF ". But the s-parameter simulation shows that the real part of Z11 of the inductor is 1.76. Could anyone help me and explain it to me? (...)
Hi, You can do it from dc analysis. In sweep parameters choose the "component parameter" position, like this: 88817 Run simulation and now you can plot transconductance curve vs w or l of transistor.
what's the difference between the job of cdf parameter, which can be set manually in cadence build-in dialog window when try to "i" an part on the schematics, and that of simulation model file, like .scs, which is loaded in the procedure when try to do spectre simulation? Maybe some parameters are (...)
Well, there's the analogLib switch element which, if SW was a node voltage, would do what you want. Not the form you ask for, but the result. And it wouldn't look for strict equality, but >= the threshold parameter. You could stack switches, like relay logic, to get closer to an = function (arbitrarily so, but finite slop).
I use AC and S-parameter simulate the ft of NMOS and PMOS in cadence spectre, two kinds of simulation results, then use ft = gm/(2 * pi * Cgg) verify , found simulation of NMOS and calculation results is same, calculation results of PMOS are much smaller than the simulation results, I can get gm, and Cgg (...)