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Hi all I hope u r all fine Pls I'd like to know what are the prerequisite math/physics topics to partial differential equations and if you suggest a good introductory book with emphasis on geometric Interpretation it will be very helpful ... thnx :)
Hi friends, I have 2 partial differential equations. I wonder if you could possibly help me to solve them. It is very urgent for me. Thanks for your time. Mohsen
Hi..... I want to design a TRANSMISSION LINE in VHDL-AMS in SMASH. Can anyone help me? I had tried it in hAMSter tool using partial differential equations of LC circuit and got result but i have to do a long coding in this tool and have some less facility. thank you in advance................
Essentially all of electromagnetics is described by Maxwell's equations. An interesting feature of these partial differential equations is that there is no fundamental size scale. This leads to some very useful scaling properties. If you have an antenna design that works at frequency f1, but you need it to work at f2, you (...)
something you are suggesting is varying in 3 variables and hence has to be analysed with partial differential equations and it would vary with different extent in different regions....
Dear all, I need to do fdtd simulation of two coupled one dimensional partial differential equations. i have started going through the fundamentals of this method, i understand till discretizing the coupled equations..but after that i dont get how to solve to iterate..and all.. can anybody help me in giving me (...)
here is another link for a book (djvu format): Handbook of Linear partial differential equations for Engineers and .html
What are the best books dealing on the aformentioned topics like sneddon for elements of partial differential equaions wherein insights into the purpose of methods and what is really happenoing by solving equations and the physical interpretaion of the equations in curve generation. I don't need books with overwhelming (...)
ISBN: 048668640X Title: A First Course in partial differential equations With Complex Variables and Transform Methods (Dover Books on Mathematics) Author: H.F. Weinberger Publisher: Dover Publications from...
A First Course in partial differential equations with Complex Variables and Transform Methods by H. F. Weinberger Dover Publications Inc 1965/1995 ISBN: 048668640X djvu version
Can somebody explain the physical meaning of direction cosines and direction ratios and there relation in the generation of curves whil solving partial differential equations.Please avoid the formula while explaining them. Regards drdolittle :)
Can anybody upload book for partial differential equations by Kluwer publications or Springer-Verlag publications Thanks in advance
Can somebody give a good link for Coupled partial differential equations.If possible a link for "partial differential equations by IAN SNEDDON too".
I have a project in partial differential equations and i have to prove the Rodrigues Formula.If anybody has the proof of it i would be very gratefull if he put in in attachment. Many thanks in advance. peter-gr.
Hi FlexPDE finite element model builder for partial differential equations 1. -> t tnx
Nonlinear partial differential equations for Scientists and Engineers 1997 Birkhauser Verlag USA Lokenath Debnath