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I have a problem with converting analog low pass RC filter into digital one. My goal is to realize digital feedback loop compensation in software. To begin with, i decided to do some training with the simplest RC filter. The low pass filter is built with R = 1000Ω resistor and C = 1?F capacitor. First i wrote the (...)
Hello, I'm looking for somebody who can design 2 working preamp circuits with an included switchable AGC (or compressor), a switchable high pass filter and < 18 V working voltage (possibly from a single battery source, ideally 4x Li-ion batteries 3.7 V). I already have the basic preamp schematics, they should just be merged with the switchabl
The given filter is a simple first order digital IIR low-pass. For certain problems, it might be a useful Kalman filter. (Kalman filter isn't a specific filter type rather than a filter goal specification). digital filters are mostly implemented using fixed point instead of floating point arithmetics. k should be a fractional number (...)
DAC is analog output. It also uses 1 pin. For 30Hz PWM also can be used. RC integration chain is needed and low pass filter in some cases.
You'll use a combination of analog and digital filtering. Have a feasible bandpass, e.g. +/-2 to +/- 5 MHz stop band, band pass sampling with sufficient rate according to the Nyquist criterion, digital filters for the final receiver characteristic. Alternatively sampling with high rate and purely digital (...)
Hello Guys, this is my first post here. I tried searching around the web and on the forum but I couldn't find a definite answer to my problem. I'm designing an electricity meter from scratch. I'm already measuring with great accuracy the active energy but I'm facing some problems with the reactive energy (RE). In order to make the calculation o
Hi all, I want to filter out dc component of a signal. I am using a low pass filter with cut-off frequency of around 10Hz. I would like to know what should the nominal sampling frequency of this filter. Thanking you.
I find plenty of circuits on the web to block ADSL on the phone line, but I need the opposite: I am renting an apartment, and I want to allow them to use ADSL but not telephone: in fact the agreement is I pay for internet connection, but not telephone. My phone company does not provide ADSL without phone. Therefore, I need to install a hidden fi
I think you are being ambitous to try and have a flat pass band with the 1.8 Pf compensating capacitor. Frank
A high-pass filter can become a F-to-V converter. It needs careful adjusting in order to create a rolloff curve that resembles linear response. Output is AC. The simulation demonstrates the raw concept. It might require some ingenuity to adapt it to your purposes. obrazki.elek
In a mixed signal design, signals will pass from analog to digital domain and vice-versa. What are the typical guidelines for signals passing from analog to digital? Regards
It should be noticed that if the input signal is noisy (but the reference signal isn't), using an analog sign multiplier instead of digital XOR will give you better signal-to-ratio in product. The input signal should be also low-pass or band-pass filtered to suppress harmonics that would be demodulated in the product detector.
Hi everyone! I wanted to design some digital filters for an ECG device based on Zynq SoC. Since The device works with 24bits of data, I can't use the FIR block present in System generator. So I designed a low-pass 65th order FIR filter with 250Hz cutoff frequency, and a 2nd order band-stop IIR filter with 50Hz center frequency, and created them i
Hi, We are trying to read an adc value of a dc voltage, the dc voltage has very high noise, so the adc reading not get a proper reading even i implement a low pass filter with 60Hz cut of frequency, So how can i implement a software LPF, now i am using PIC18f4520. Thnks & Regards
The "calibration formula" and the frequency characteristic described in the "calibration file" are considerably different. Which is describing the magnetometer behaviour, how are both calibration data sets related? The advantage of the calibration formula (high-pass/low-pass combination) is that it can be transformed to a digital (...)
What prevents getting gain & phase response in digital filters that is same (as an equivalent low-pass or high-pass e.t.c) analogue filter? I am aware that digital filters cannot get (both of) gain and phase response same as an analogue filter which has same cut-off frequencies. Usually the designer would concentrate on (...)
I am looking for VHDL code for digital filter (Low pass, high pass and band pass )
Say I have a sensor that generates a signal of freq 30Hz and now when I sample this at 100Hz, which is above the 2fa; The Nyquist criteria is satisfied. But the output of the sampler has lot of frequencies right i.e., 30Hz, 100-30=70, 100+30=130, 200-30=170, 230.... Now if I dont do any digital domain low pass filtering on the output of ADC to
So I'm making a processor just for the fun of it and in various situations I will have to select between outputs, for example, should the output signal be from the full adder, a logic shift or whatever else the processor has. I'm not entirely sure how to implement this. At first glance you could use an AND gate to sort of "enable" a signal to p
Dear All, I' trying to implement a digitally controlled light dimmer. I started from here 118590 I construct the same circuit with TIC206D Triac. I faced a problem for the 1K resistor feeding the Triac gate current it wa

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