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hi I need explanation for the following layers used in Altium PCB. Top Solder Top paste Solder mask paste mask Which one is the green mask usually used to protect tracks. Regards
Hello , To PCB manufaturer, they just need the files you want PCB like. normally, you need to output below files: 1. circuit layers, such as GTL,GBL for outer layer, if it is multilayer PCB , you should also output all inner circuit layers, such as GND, vcc, inner layer 1, inner layer 2 and so on. 2. solder mask layer: S
Hello i have made a double side pcb, but the VIAS comes under the SMD IC which has Ground plane so when i solder the IC VIAS becomes short with the IC, is there any way i can paste resist layer on these VIAS in ARES Porteus ? i need it urgently, and also is there any way to make this board work ? how can i paste resist layer on this board manually
Hi gabba hey, but how to compare footprints on this method, only component counts, netlist & placement only will confirm on above method.. Board outline, silk, mask & paste,.... are also not checked as per the above reports pls suggest if any other method is found?? we want to thank u for this.. regards, karthik
Trying to push the envelope by spacing components tightly such that the pads are separated by 7mils, which allows for 4 mils solder mask webbing. Questions: Is there a standard which directly addresses this? What would be the concern, solder bridging or insufficient solder? Is the 4mil solder mask webbing sufficient to isolate the two p
For tp no use of solder paste...
What's the difference between solder mask and paste mask layers in gerber files? I don't quite get it and there is no obvious place to read about it either. p.s. I'm not quite sure where this topic belongs, so I put it here
Hi aslam Here i attached sample footprint for you (check page no 256 in your datasheet). 1) open your PAD designer (cadence-->PCB utilities-->pad designer-->select Layer mode-->select shape as rectangle in downside )after that select TOP,solder mask,paste mask for SMD Package,enter the width and height of the package as mention in (...)
Hi all, I saw a lot of you-tube videos on soldering SMDs with the use of a hot air gun and solder paste. But all of those boards had solder mask on them which aided the proper flow of solder. But is it possible to do this without the solder mask? (my first thought is that it can't be done) The main reason I'm asking this is because I (...)
Hi shabu, Antipad atleast 20-30 mil extra and don't give paste mask top for Through hole component,Tolerance is 3 mil for plated Hole and non-plated 2mil tolearnce ========================== Hi, while creating Through Footprint you have to follow this thing Drill Hole-pin +10 mil Pad size-drill +20mil (if it is more then two layer ) if it is singl
Hi tahtouh, I think you are asking about the fiduciary need not have a hole.... Just have it as an SMD pad and solder mask must be need paste or silk.... There are two types of fiducials Global and Local....You probably need to add Three global fiducials, one at each corner of your PCB. For Fine pitch components you need to
Hello people from snowy Zagreb, Croatia. This is my first post here. Great community - keep going... I have some questions regarding custom footprint design in Altium Designer 10. You will find below a picture of FAKRA high speed connector footp
Which is the solder mask layer and which is the solder paste do i set these for a pad that i am drawing?
you can set the solder mask expansion on the pads by taking the longest pad dimension, half it and enter that value in negative in the paste mask expansion. i.e. for a 3mm pad the solder mask expansion will be -1.5mm.
Hi guys, I'll be doing my first reflow soldering (bought a reflow oven) and I need to make a soldering stencil for my PCB. I am working in Altium designer 10. I have two questions: - The pads in the Top paste layer should be 10% smaller for the SMT stencil. How do you scale all pads in AD by 10% ? I can set the paste mask expansion rule to (...)
Look up the thermal aspects of PCB's, lots of info out there with todays preference for QFN,s and high powered LED boards and just the general power aspects of PCB design. It is a subject that requires quite a bit of study as there are numerous solutions to thermal problems. Also look at the history of the IPC-2152 specification and all will be ex
cosyne - Did you ever find a solution for this ? I have the same situation, I need several large top-layer pads for direct wire-bonding. I want solder mask in place, but NO paste openings. -pana
paste mask A stainless steel template in a tightened frame, with holes corresponding to landpatterns on the bare board that are either cut, punched, or drilled with a laser. The solder stencil is used at the beginning of the circuit assembly process where it is placed on top of a bare board, solder paste is pushed through the holes, then th
1- use via filled ground patch underneath the IC ---This is for Thermal requirements of the IC. The Center pad of the IC has to be soldered on the Board so You have to provide a Ground patch and open the mask for the shape and also Provide Solder paste it the assembly is automatic. You can duplicate the copper shape on the bottom side to provide m
I assume you have the solder paste mask to be oversize compared to the pads. As you have spotted, that will be a problem. I think the solder mask needs to be the same size as the pads. There is a discussion about it here: My component libraries don't have any oversize on the solder paste mask - they