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Hello, In ie3d first I am using the patch with Infinte ground plane. The results were quite good.But when I use the finite ground the results are not upto the mark. Can any one suggest that how can I include the finite ground in microstrip antenna. and after inserting it what is the procedure of cutting the slots in ground plane (...)
plz.. help me to construct a stacked microstrip patch antenna in zeland ie3d.... how to joint a single feed to both the antennas in stacked configuration both in software as well as hardware? and please tell me the procedure how to do probe feeding to yeald at maximum gain.
I had simulated micro patch antenna for 2.4 ghz and I can find s11 but please explain procedures to find other results like far feild radiation, near feild,efficiency,gain,directivity and all parameters
here is my antenna file from ie3d .i tried for 2.4 GHz but i don't know how to correct this to operate at 2.4 GHz please find the attachment and correct this one for me and let me know where i committed mistake.115800
please tel me in ie3d where we can get pin diode and how we can use this for reconfiguration..
the circular match antenna raidus is taken as 27.7mm While modelling the coaxial probe feed to patch , the inner and outer diameters of the probe are taken as 1.3mm and 4.1mm respectively. it is loacated at a radial distance of 9.9mm fromthe center of patch towards its cicrcumference. A shorting patch is (...)
how do i optimize the axial ratio of a coaxial fed patch, i cut two notches on the patch and now i want to optimize the dimensions of notch to get axial ratio below 3dB using the optimization function in ie3d zeland. please advise me on how to use the optimization function in zeland
Hello everyone.. I need some help in implementing chip resistor in a patch antenna in ie3d in vertical direction i.e between the top metal patch layer and the finite ground plane in vertical direction. I am doing this for reducing size of the antenna.. Thank you..
HELLO any suggestions regarding software and reading material on Electrical analysis of patch antenna (dual band)
hi....can any one explain me that how to define radiating patch thickness on zeland ie3d 12.o and how the result vary if we defines only substrate thickness . i am designing a multi band antenna using u-slots.
hi everyone... how should i dig circular hole in the ground plane in ie3d software..i have make real part of the ground plane =0 and then dig a circular hole in d grnd substrate bt this is creating problem at the time of simulation as because the grnd plane is also acting as a dielectric,how sud i simulate ..i am working in (...)
I want to design a microstrip antenna with probe feed from one side and not from below. the probe feed for patch option is not allowing to change the axis of the probe. I can create the probe as a cylinder but can not put a port at one end of the cylinder. It would really be of great help if someone has some suggestion.Thanks.
it is very very simple in designing circular patch in ie3d. you need the dielectric constant, its height, and i think you are new to antenna so you should study "balanis" 1st learn basic things and after you will definately get help here on edaboard. i can easily help you in about ie3d because i have (...)
how can we unite the patch and the feed in ie3d like we can unite in hfss. Adv Edit> Advance boolean operation >merge but i am not abl to select the merge option please somebody help me
you can shift your frequency by working on feed point and by slightly change of the lenth and the width of your patch. and yes you can use 2 ports in ie3d but i dont think that using 2 port will be good option for getting the good results. work more on the 1 port by doing this you will get more knowledge (...)
hi all can we simulate microstrip patch antenna on ansoft designer how it will be diffrent as compared to hfss, ie3d and Cst does ansoft desiner is fast as compared to hfss regards kartik
I'm trying to do the same in HFSS for 50ohm matching, I have a coax fed patch antenna (should resonate at 3.15 GHz) - please find my design attached: 82912 You will find all my design variable in the project (L, W, Xf, Yf, etc...) - How do I adjust the Ri (inner radius, pec) Ro (outer radius, vacuum)? - the coaxial feed l
Hello everyone, i Have designed a patch antenna and i am also getting good low return loss below -10dB.. I want to know how to measure impedance bandwidth? I have ie3d 14 version on my PC...Please give your valuable suggestions.. Thank You..!!
Hey Could you help me please , I want to see the effect of feed location on freq, Return loss & Bandwidth by varying the feed location along the length of the patch from the origin (center of patch) to its right most edge. The coaxial probe feed used is designed to have a radius of 0.5mm. the length and the width (...)
There is a bundle of patch antenna design examples in the ie3d manual.