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Hi Feodor Did you check Suvllian Book in chapter-5 there is a code for patch antenna in c language. regards Hi I am looking for a 3D fdtd code (C or Matlab) for a microstrip patch antenna, preferably tested against a standard solution or experimental data. After checking a few (...)
Hi I am wondering if anyone managed to recreate/modify a code of the microstrip patch antenna described in the book by Dennise Sullivan (chapter 5, Fd3d_patch.c). I know that some codes exist, but I am not clear if anyone has actually managed to reproduce the results shown in the book. Advise or comment would be very much appreciated. (...)
hi, I need help on designing triangular patch antenna with cst design suite and I need to see the resonant frequency? how can I see the resonant frequency and which mode should I use? thanks
Hi every one, I have written some fdtd code in matlab for simple antipodal patch antenna with Mur fisrt order ABC. it is simple form of bowtie that I try to simulate it, but I have some problem:cry:, gradually Ez and totall voltage are increased-more than 1. It was attached to this message, If you can solve it, I really (...)
i have tried to re simulate the code given in "Electromangetic simulation using fdtd method". Chapter 5, Fd3d_patch.c Unfortunately the from the source code did not compile "file pointer handling". Can somebody please help me to fix the problem in the attached C file. Thanks
here eample of patch antenna under xfdtd,hope hel pu regards
Hi i am currently work on PIFA antenna. i have written a code in C. everything seems ok. but i cannot sketch it in matlab plz help me to delineate it.
I think ie3d is the best concerning planar structures, snec is mainly for wire structures, you cannot use it to simulate patch antenna
hi dear freind, in the first time, you have to calculate the electric field magnitude with a simple line of excitation (feed line only), this represent the incident field. after you put the patch antenna (radiator element) on jonction with the feed line, and calculate the new magnitude of the electric field at the junction. after you have (...)
ref the famous paper: Numerical Modeling of Microstrip Circuits and antennas, D. M. Sheen, Cambridge, MA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991. (MTT 1991), The patch work 7.5GHz. In Sullivan's fdtd book,as a example for 3D type. Question: But in his book,the result is 6GHz,is it the result error?(in CH5)
Hi All, Iam in need of simulation software for analysis of patch antennas. I have to simulate gap coupled patch antennas. Does nyone have code that is capable of doing this task??? could you please upload it for me??? It would be great help as all commercially available softwares are quiet costly. Sincerely mstripman
Hi there, I'm looking for some ideas which could help me in implementation of fdtd-code and UMPL boundary conditions in order to analyze some patch antenna. Firstly I am looking for some e-books concernicng this topic and secondaly waiting for some hints nad tips in 3D UPML-implementation Best wishes
if you want to calculate the size of the ground plane, the ground plane should be large the patch about 1/4 wavelength to obtain the better front and back ratio.
Hi , I am doing a project and i need to simulate in mAtlab the pattern of one patch panel antenna (microstrip) when it is mounted to a wall . Does somebody has some information to help me, because i dont know from where to start. Thanks Theo
thanks dr. hassan for his help pls