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Hi everyone, Building a microstrip patch antenna on HFSS. I used a wave port and de-embedded it to start on the beginning of the inset feed of the transmission line. During the solution, the convergence is not happening even though i have 30 passes with DS = 0.01. The results are very big like 5.7e+86 etc.. Any thoughts? (...)
Howdy mates, These are two 2.4 GHz equilateral triangular patch antenna simulated by CST Studio. One has inset feeding, while the other has a coaxial feed. Hope they could be useful for someone. Attached please find the models. Have a good day Rodeoman
hello hope you are well, I am designing patch antenna using inset feed. I want to know the formulas how to find the width and length of feed? how much should be inset distance in patch and inset gap with patch (conductor)? Thanks
I would like to calculate the inset feed dimensions for my patch antenna, Peak Impedance (impedance at edge) is 155.9072 +50.9807j. I rearrange the formula: 121564 with 50 ohms being the one you want, Zin(R). My question is, in the calculation, for the other impedance value Zin(0), should I use 155.9072, or the m
Wat should b d dimentions of tha srr in the ground plane of a uwb microstrip patch antenna so that its results could b enhanced than without any srr in the ground plane. Also where should b the inset feed placed.
Looking your return loss, the question arises about feeding. What feeding you doing, u can start with inset feed or quaterwavelength feed. And, try matching the feed impedance with the edge impedance of patch.
Hi all! I was simulating a simple inset fed patch antenna on Taconic TLC with Dk=3.2 and thickness of 0.79 mm at 2.45 GHz. While finding the inset feed position for optimum impedance match, what I observed was that the resonant frequency changes when I change the inset (...)
can any one send the feed network for the 2X2 microstrip patch antenna with inset feed.plz help me out...:)
plz can some one tell me how to calculate the "width of the inset feed in microstrip patch antenna" having dilectric constant 4.36 ,height of substrate is 1.5mm and frequency is 2.4835ghz...tell me the formula for this
sir how we design inset feed for tooth like slot on patch antenna.if inset feed cross center of patch how we calculate input impedance..
Hi, We designed a microstrip patch antenna using HFSS having the following parameters shown in fig. 89522 In this fig, when the inset distance is varied slightly ie even by 0.001mm also, the impedance decreases drastically. This could be pretty dangerous when manufacturing the antenna is in question. Is there any soluti
how to insert slots in the rectabgular patch ?wht are the basic required papmeters to locate the location of slots in rectangular patch near the inset feed ..?
Hi How can I use interdigital capacitor for impedance matching in patch antenna.The antenna is feeding by transmission line. what's the best way for impedance maching in patch antenna?I wouldn't like to use inset feed technique.
Even if there is a gap, there should be some coupling. Sure, but the capacitance across the gap is small. Any gap between the feedline and patch will cause heavy mismatch. patch and feed dimension checked? Substrate permittivity checked?
Hi, I am designing a single rectangular patch antenna . the substrate is Fr4 and its dielectric constant is 4.4. I have used inset feed for the antenna. The frequency is 2.4Ghz. I obtained the following results. My resonant frequency(Rf) is 2.399Ghz return loss @ Rf is 40 db There are many (...)
1)hey I designed a rectangular patch antenna of W= 29.34mm, L= 16.328mm, εr= 9.8, h(thickness)= 1.27mm, f0=2.2ghz... Im using a microstrip line feed of 50 ohm. I want to know what is the correct feeding point? how can i determine it? Is there a formula? 2)Wen i go for an array of antenna what should I (...)
Hi, I am designing a single rectangular patch antenna for 2.4Ghz. i am using inset feed. I used the std formulas available in Balanis to cal the length and width of rectangular patch. The length = 30mm, width=38mm, Er=4.4,height of substrate(fr4)=1.6mm. The feed width was 0.5mm. I (...)
Let's assume that the inset gap length used by the questioner means the width of the inset gap, which is the dimension along the same direction as the patch width. One antenna textbook says that the inset gap length commonly is 3 times of the feed-line width. However, if the (...)
So, is there actually no equation in order to design the dimension of the microstrip line?? The width of the microstrip line (Wf in your picture) is given by the line impedance (usually 50 Ohm). The slot width (equal to Wf in your picture) should not be critical. ---------- Post adde
Hi, The dimensions you gave now are quite different from the first patch. I don't understand with respect to which condition "the frequencies shifts about 0.3-0.5 GHz to the origin". Can you clarify? In your case, the gaps necessary for the port 1 (or 2) inset cut the patch where the current is maximum when you feed by (...)