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Hello EveryOne !!! I'm a student and i'm writing a thesis about the fault diagnosis in Microstrip patch Array antennas using a SingleValueOptimization Algorithm. First, i have to implement a patch array in ansoft designer V2 using the Circuit Simulator (Microstrip Component) without planar EM. How i can do it ? Thank you a lot !!!!
HELLO ! I want to simulate a microstrip patch antenna using FEKO but I get an error saying that ERROR 21: The metallic edge for the excitation does not exist I am really a newbie to FEKO and any help doing this simulation is very appreciated. Note: I am attatching the antenna figure. Thank you in advance133314[/AT
I would like to prototype a patch antenna at low cost for a project. The PCB vendor (Seeed studio) that I prefer uses KB-6160 FR4 laminate which does not have dielectric constant data beyond 100 MHz. Does anyone have any experience prototyping patch antennas on FR4? Is 4.2-4.3 a good estimate of the dielectric constant (...)
while implementing patch antenna in HFSS, after validating it am getting an error (red color cross mark againt 3D model).can some one help me to solve this.123615
Dear fellows, I want to analyze patch antenna and it's higher order modes with cavity model. I referred to many books and references of the post mostly are ambiguous and put lots of unknown variables like bessel function. Anyone could suggest me a book or guide who can help me clarify my confusions without referring to any other (...)
I have designed a fully parameterized 2x2 microstrip patch array using antenna Magus 5.1 Pro and estimated performance successfully. But now I want to export the antenna to CST MWS using its 'export mode'. But the dialogue box is showing "No models available to export" and I've posted the screenshot here. What am I doing
Hello to all respected Members. Wish you to be in good helath. I simulated patch antenna and bend it different textile material for substrate as well patch.... But when I use head model phantom... then my computer slow down and my RAM is 100 utilized.... and some time..give error... (...)
Friends, I need a favor of you, for designing a project to plot RCS v/s time of a conducting body with HFSS 14.0 Transient model. EM waves are being radiated by patch antenna. I want to know the procedure to make this model. If you know/ have any solution, please share with me urgently.
Hello Guys Can any one help me to simulate and modelling the CNTs on CST or HFSS? Really, i would like to design patch antenna using CNTs, but i don't know how to model the CNTS using either CST or HFSS. Can any one help me?
I am trying to simulate an antenna at 0.3 THz. I m using a wave-guide port to excite it. Its a simple patch antenna structure with SiO2 as substrates and Drude model Silver as conductors. I came across the following error. "Maximum simulation time reached, solver stopped." I know this error can be resolved by increasing (...)
I designed multilayer patch antenna and I want to draw it by Visio , so if any one has models for antennas draws made by Visio ,I will be grateful for him . Just need an model to learn the program in case of drawin antenna
Hi, I simulated a patch antenna with coaxial feed to resonate at 2.8 GHz with a return loss of -20 dB and no resonance elsewhere. Please find attached my model. I fabricated this antenna and tested it. The fabricated antenna has return loss of only -3.6 dB at 2.8 GHz whereas it is resonating at 5.8 (...)
I would to ask how to assign the excitation " lumped port" in the aperture fed patch antenna.. In the aperture the feed line would be at the bottom so should I put the port above it till the ground above ?!? and in which direction should E fields be in this case !? please any help
my microstrip antenna is as shown.. 102795 plz suggest me ..what should be the boundary conditions to be assign to the patches on lower and upper side and substrate (what to assign radiation,what to assign perfect E or H) ?? (substrate is FR4-epoxy)
How to get equivalent circuit of designed antenna in HFSS.? For simple patch we could draw .But problem arises with fractal geometry.Also How to get values of L&C
Hello, I have a simple question. I am modeling a microstrip patch antenna as a receiving antenna where the microstrip is terminated by a wave port to "receive" any propogating waves from the patch, which is excited by a plane wave. My question is simply: Do I need to define an integration line when (...)
hi All group members i am the student of final year,my project is on fractal antennna,i have made model of Sirpinski gasket antenna,everything is right,but there iis error in dimensions of polyline1 and patch.can anyone help me in this regard.
98783 pls help me to design this model in hfss.............urgently required..........give step wise explaination...
Can we build a PIN diode model in HFSS by a simple patch and assigning it all the biasing values from the manufacturers data sheet? If this is possible then is there any other effects on the antenna performance?
If you are new to hfss, you should at least perform the tutorial with the patch antenna. Then check the help file for the terminal excitation. There is an example with vias.