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Hi everyone, I have designed a dual-band microstrip patch antenna for LTE and WiFi application. The antenna operate at 2.6GHz for LTE and 5.0GHz for WiFi. I have started the design process by designing the 5.0GHz WiFi then introduce two inverted U slots to generate the second 2.6GHz. The impedance matching for the first 5.0GHz WiFi is okay, but I c
Hi... I am new in antenna design I need help regarding impedance matching of transmission line in dual feed circularly polarised microstrip square patch antenna. Please send me design equations and document regarding this. Thanking You in advance....
Hello, I have a question about CPS Balun design for array antenna. My concern is that my array antenna have normally a common ground, for example a patch array antenna. Then I would like to convert microstrip transmission line to stripline using CPS Balun. http
Hi There, could some one please guide me in setting up T- solver simulations of cst to measure S-parameters of a patch antenna using a X-band Rectangular waveguide. Thanks in advance.
Hello! I am simulating a micro-strip patch antenna, this is one of my first steps in using the coaxial feed, I am following the tutorial to do so but I am getting a worried S parameter plot. How can I explain it?! Note: I am attaching the cst file and the S plot, hope you can help me ? Many thanks :-D 134113
Hi guys! I am here new like in a field of EM simulations. I started to use cst software for simulation microstrip patch antenna @ 5.8 GHz, feed with coaxial probe. I am interested which of the above mentioned solvers are better in sense of accuracy (which will give better matching with measured results of S11 parameter)? In addition if you have
Why do you need a step-by-step proceedure? You have already done one in HFSS, but just using a different material. Don't know the LTCC material to use? Ask your vendor for specs on the FIRED materials that he uses. Select the one that meets your criteria. When designing with LTCC, just remember to design with PRE-FIRED dimensions, but simula
I'm running simulations for an antenna patch, and i'm trying to understand the farfield 3d information that shows from green to red with numerical values assigned to this a side bar showing green to red. I remember that the more red the numerical value, the more round the corner of a square antenna patch physically has, but that's the extent of my
Hi all, I'm currently trying to design a circularly polarized patch antenna in cst for a project at university. As mentioned in the title, the antenna has to operate in the W-band with a center frequency of 77 GHz Other given properties are e.g. the substrate (Rogers RO3003, e_r = 3, h = 0.127 mm) and a minimum line width of 50 ?m. Moreover,
Although it is for patch antenna, maybe it will give some insight:
Dear All, I have simulated a patch antenna using cst 2014 the result gave me very good BW and radiation pattern, from here i am new and i have no idea how to start the fabrication, my question is how to layout the simulted patch antenna? Thank you
Can you help me how way i can get equivalent circuit from design? Which software is it possible ? cst or ADS ??
Hello guys, I tried to design a 8*8 patch antenna array at 9.9 Ghz with cst and first i designed a single element. i use the RO5880 Substrate with Er=2.2 and H=0.508 mm i would like to know if my subtrate is the best to work at this frequency and to design this kind of antenna? why when I simulate my ptach I narrive not get my point of re
Hi Dear. you can followed these steps in HFSS to create a SIW structures. 1- draw a box for substrate 2- draw patch & ground plane(top and bottom of sub respectively) 3- draw cylinders around the patch for creating the SIW. 4- select top faces of all cylinders that you draw in previous step,then go to modeler-surface-create object from face 5-selec
Can any one help with the cst model to simulate the unit cell using waveguide to come up with the phase curve (S - Curve (Phase Vs patch length)). Kindly send me the cst 2014 model for the same with the procedure.
If you really want to learn about the micro-strip patch antenna then pick any IEEE paper and try to learn how to design the same on cst or HFSS. I suggest this is the best way to gain knowledge. There are number of post, blogs and videos available online on how to design microstrip antenna.
Hello everyone, I am new to cst just few days back learned it to design and simulate the GPS antenna. The antenna which is already implemented in one of the IEEE paper but for my project work i am doing it. My antenna is "Stacked patched" type with "Reactive Impedance Surface" on the most bottom substrate. I am using Coaxia
A rectangular patch (L = 76 mm, W = 50 mm, h = 1.524 mm, εr = 3.38) is powered by a coaxial probe. The central core of the connector is soldered to the patch at Dx = 29 mm, Dy = 15 mm from the bottom left corner. Theoretically this position enables the four primary modes TM10 (1.075 GHz), TM01 (1.605 GHz), TM11 (1.955 GHz), and TM20 (2.145
Howdy mates, These are two 2.4 GHz equilateral triangular patch antenna simulated by cst Studio. One has inset feeding, while the other has a coaxial feed. Hope they could be useful for someone. Attached please find the models. Have a good day Rodeoman
hello everyone, i have a mini project on triangle fractal patch antenna , i couldnt know how to make it yet, i'd like some help in conception and simulation i'll be thankful