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Hello everybody, need help with next problem. I'm designing patch antenna, freq - 2.6 GHz, using cst mws. The substrate is FR4. The problem is low efficiency i get, about 30%. I thought it was due to losses in substrate, but when i changed tg delta to zero, the efficiency stayed the same. Can anybody tell me how to solve this issue?
Hi all, I simulated one UHF patch antenna with FR4 sub and found the much impact of the loss tangent. When loss tangent is 0.02, the Gain is only 1.2dBi,efficiency is only 28% .When i changed the loss tangent to 0.002, the Gain is 5.8dBi and the efficiency is 80%. My question is that is there any methods to improve above performance (...)
hi all; I am working on a patch antenna for mobile handset, as I know the PCB of the mobile acts like a ground for the antenna (doesn't it?!), I just want to know what is the practical thickness of such ground, and if it's possible what's the material of the PCB? Thanx in advance
The use of high dielectric constant for increasing the bandwidth of patch antennas is well know. what are its effects on efficiency and radiation pattern. Thanks
Dear all, anyone of you antenna gurus here could shed some light on how to design a dual frequency microstrip patch antenna? The frequency range is above 10GHz, preferably 10GHz and 12GHz. Does this design involve any mathematical analysis? and are there any softwares that I can use for design? I'm using FR4 substrate btw... Thanx a lot :)
You didn?t specify anything about optimization of the substrate thickness. The height of the patch above the groundplane should be approximately two percent of the width of the patch. Lower heights result in higher Q, and high currents resulting in higher losses. Further increase in thickness will reduce the efficiency (...)
Hello all. i am facing some problems in estimating radiation efficiency of a proximity coupled patch antenna. I am using a lumped port excitation. The problem: The radiation efficiency reduces as i increase the dimensions of my radiation box!! It is around 80% when the box just fits the patch (...)