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The second schematic doesn't make sense as shown, it misses a connector for the feedback path. To understand if the loop layout has any relevance for the amplifier performance, some basic parameters must be known like: - amplifier and signal bandwidth - resistor values I guess, each topology can be useful under specific circumstances.
Hi, I have good experience with embedded software design & implementation, now i want to focus on hardware design. I'm from electronics background can understand the things easily, can any one give specific path to become a good circuit designer. I'm expecting some website's or PDF's to learn from basics to advanced design technics. please hel
both are looking for a specific resistance value to trigger the device to listen to microphone. Could this be to detect a low voltage rather than a resistance? Seems to me a roundabout path is needed to detect a specific resistance, electronically. Maybe the preceding stage first pulls the line to 0V grnd at low
Hi everyone! I have got a PCB with two separated blocks, with independent power supplies and I/O connectors in both Gnd in the picture is chassis ground. It will converge with the other two pcb grounds (
Hi. I'm trying to implement including false path and multi cycle path RTL code for test design compiler. So does anyone know where some example codes are ?
Hi, I want to know what happens when there's a conflict between the false path and multicycle path exception definition. Which one takes precedence when there happens to be a path such that it's getting sensitized by both the fp and mcp timing exceptions? Thanks, Hari
It depends on the mosfet and the doping to create the conduction path. This would be variable based on the junction and the internal structure of the mosfet. Is there a specific example or application you are looking at?
Somebody had try to control noise , precision , other try general variable in the electron formular . General science is curriculum that need open opinion and the specific one seem walk on the professor path.
i am not aware of any product in the market which would help report path based power. Curious to know why this need?
hi, I want to have the cells which are in specific path in a text file . plz help :)
It will give only one path. So use -nworst <> -max_paths <> switches to get the all other paths.
can someone please guide the correct path to learn board designing for computers. being specific i am just keen to design a SBC(single board computer) just for hobby purposes my current knowledge is that i am in 2nd year pursuing computer science learning computer organisation and programming stuff. i just want any guide or tutorials that can help
Hello all, Why we need path grouping? any advantages? Thanks........
Dear all I have a question about some specific switches in Leonardo spectrum. Does anybody know what is the exact functionality of switches below? - extract counter - extract clock enable - optimizing longest path Please provide me some details about how these switches affect synthesis process. What is the difference between a circuit s
Please can somebody explain with example, Data path and Clock path Depth in timing path Report. Can you be little more specific on what do you mean by depth here? Are you referring to the clock or data path from its source to the end point ?
Hi, I observe difference delay value of a gate between SOC Encounter and Primetime as follows: Timing report (post-route) in Encounter a specific path: /top/insta/xxx/yyy/U37/Y (NOR2XLTL) 0.217 (delay) 2.321 r (required
Hi,all verdi filelist have a line as the below: -y /.../..../../library/ but verdi report error unresolve about some standard cell in the path ? anyone can tell me how to load a directory library with verdi ,thanks thanks
Try burning the installer program to a CD. Install from the CD. Or, when it asks you to retype the path location, try typing the letter of your hard disk followed by a slash or backslash (whichever linux uses to navigate to the root level). This assumes you have placed the installer at the root level, to make things easier.
Yes, it will but downsizing is always a better approach as it will not add extra buffers in the design and according to my experience the effect of downsizing on setup is lesser than adding buffers. Anyway the hold will affect setup violations if the setup path has very little slack. ---------- Post added at 14:22 ---------
You could add a set_false_path from this input to this specific reg.