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If antenna has rotational symmetric pattern is space then nothing will change by rotating antenna physically or multiplying it with rotational matrix mathematically. But if it is not symmetric then for sure rotation will rotate the field pattern in space. About conversion to spherical coordinate is for mathematical and computational ease you (...)
ultrasonic scanning requires expertise in many areas, like signal processing, echo/ doppler, image processing, DSP, digital filtering, pattern matching, analog circuitry etc etc. The frequency of the ultrasound in medical is usually around Mhz range, and the sensors are piezo. common ones in market will probably be only 40khz.
MegaTool developed by Hanchi-tech covered all EDA pattern conversion. 1 - MegaVector It is a tool which converts VCD(Value Change Dump) and EVCD (Extended Value Change Dump) file generated by EDA tool into WGL format. 2 - MegaWaver It is a tool which converts WGL(Waveform Generation Language) and STIL(Standard Test Interface Language)
Hi all, Is there a chart that shows what the corresponding bit pattern for a certain analog voltage after conversion. Given a vdd of 5v as reference in a Pic16f676. if not how do u know what voltage is what bit
How to set in HFSS to get normalized radiation pattern? Thank you very much!
Hi all, I have a problem of conveting HFSS layout to GDS2. The pattern orginally was circle in HFSS, and it became polygon in GDS2 or dxf. Why and how to deal with this problem? Thanks a lot !! Puru Lin
The radiation pattern will distort due to the current distribution outside the coax cable. Also, your s11 might be lower than it is since some of reflected current are not going back into the network analyzer. you might use a network analyzer which has a differential port. You can then do the measurement without the balun