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Hello Everyone, Ezpcb is a professional pcb and pcb assembly manufacturer from China. From prototype to production,cheap price and high quality control.Online pcb calculator. All products are RoHS and UL proved. For details,please go to or send email to 133031[ATT
Hi! My work is generally limited to power electronics and therefore I do not have much of experience with high frequency signal transmission. However, an application requires carrying 5 digital lines, from one portion of a 4-layer pcb to another portion. Length of traces will be approx 50mm. Frequency is 24MHz. 1. Do I need some special treatm
You know that Saturn pcb toolkit does the calculation?
hi im looking for a good and reliable calculator for pcb trace width (depending on current) any suggestions ? TNX
Hi All Friend, Ezpcb provide online pcb price calculator for about 10 years. Maybe our price is not the lowest,but I promise that our quality and service are professional. For prototype board,please go with Ez-Pro service to mass production board,please go
Instant quote from original Manufacturer, safe, price guaranty,quality.
Hello, Our company has recently opened a facility in Satu Mare, Romania. We provide quick-turn pcb assembly services without breaking the bank. Take a look at our online price calculator. Our company has been operating for 5 years in the USA. Our customers know us for customer service and quality. Cheers! Andrei Boitor bam
Hi all, There are two different dielctric constant for Rogers pcb material in their datasheet; "Dielectric Constant" and "Design Dielectric Constant". For example, Ro3006 has dielectric constant of 6.15 and design dielectric constant of 6.5. I check a line calculator (MWI-2013 from Rogers itself), that uses some empirical formula to calculat
I had noticed some pcb manufacturers ( particularly the most expensives ) providing on theirs webpage online calculator forms which allow perform a quick assesment just providing few inputs as that.
this might help:
Hi All, I need to calculate the trace inductance in pcb. Please suggest some tools or formula to calculate except saturn. Regards, Arunmaran
Look at this, for starters: I'd also be concerned about large variations in your 60 amp currents, which will induce HORRENDOUS noise on your digital lines.
You put them put them on a pcb with heavy (2-3oz) copper and wide traces. Here's a calculator for that. You can also run parallel traces on more than one layer to distribute the current. Alternately you can just solder wires to their
Saturn pcb calculator will help you search HERE
pcb Toolkit all the way..
Got to and download the "pcb Desing Tool Kit. It can do what you want, and a lot more !!!!!!!!!
Hi to all.I want design pcb for 2GHZ to 2.5 GHZ.HOW can I provide 50 Ω for my pcb? w=.24mm er=3.48 h=.8mm T=78?m
Dear All: In the online calculator below, there is an input called Via Length, is it the via height? like, the vertical distance between top& bottom planes for a through hole via. More to ask, what value should I fill for "Applied Current" in Optional
It all depends on how long the trace is and what thickness copper you are using. This should help:
Hi, stitching via mainly for good conductivity for power and ground.if in you case has high current running you need to add more stitching via , it may be help for you

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