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In pcb design, common-mode and differential-mode current are refered frequently. But I don't understand the meaning of them and what condition they will be produced at and how they be produced. Anyone could explain them for me? P.S. Attached file is the figure of common-mode and differential-mode current in book.
Dear All, Whats the impact for Rohs conversion on pcb? Will the conversion affects the characteristic impedance of the board? The situation is as follows My Board has a RF antenna trace with some grounding vias. We are trying to convert from HAL finishing to GOLD Flash? will this conversion affect the impdance of RF antenna (...)
In order to make a microstrip circuit you need to know pcb board εr,height ,Cu thickness t and tanδ. You can use these parameters to find the width of line for a given characteristic impedance Zo at your frequency of interest. Generally high εr boards are used at lower frequency to reduce size and vice versa. Also (...)
I want to desing a pcb for a FPGA TQFP144 with a pin width 0.254mm, now for matching my FPGA with my pcb track at 50Ω I need a width track of 0.526mm with a FR-4 with 0.32mm of thickness (distance signal-ground), but this width track isn't compatible with FPGA pin width. It's absolutely necessary matching impedance ? There's another (...)
I want to design a 4 layer pcb. My question is, how should I calculate the characteristic impedance of the bottom layer microstrip lines? I have equations, but I am not shure, in the hight parameter. ------------------------------------top layer ------------------------------------gnd plane ------------------------------------power (...)
in most datasheet that i read ( for ex. LNA9M403 ) , used pcb FR4 with ε = 4.6 ,h = 0.5 mm W = 0.5 mm and they said that the characteristic impedance of microtrip is 50 0hm . But after using all formulas for microtrip , i can't get that value . Can someone tell me how to obtain it .
Hi, The pcb substrate does not have a frequency limit. Some parameters of it (Er), besides the physical dimension of your traces will affect your transmission lines characteristic impedance (Z), and others will affect propagation (tg delta - loss factor). Some pcb substrates have loss coeficient higher than others. Usually, (...)