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hi there . i have to use button and ds1307 in my pcb project but i can't find those library(for altium) . please help me.
Dear all, I am new for pcb design. Please tell me basics regarding pcb board designing and how to calculate the width of trace in pcb and spacing. what the requirement we must know when we design the board. Thank you Salim
You could probably look for an entry level job for Hardware Engineer. And over the period of time you will gain experience on it. your pcb design experience can help you with some of the aspects of H/W designing like basics, specifications of the components etc
Hi, I am new to the pcb designing, can u please tell me the procedure how to generate gerber in allegro 16.2. Thank you. Regards, Hanumagouda patil
Hey guys, I am working on designing a MESFET VCO on a pcb at 1.5GHz. I want to know the basics of pcb design, the points to keep in mind to work with VCO design etc. Can anyone help me with a good tutorial and examples?? any links?? I am using Agilent ADS for simulation. Help, please
can i have the basics of pcb designing from start to finish
If you design a pcb using computer programs (as you stated) the result, in your case (at home) will be a printout. Do you know something about home photography? You will need that knowlage to create an "artwork" and, also, you will have to use a "dark room". Having this done you will use light-sensitive spray (positive or negative) and spray this

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